I can't believe the riders made a new deal with Congi the other day.. he was part of the reason the riders lost most of their games..His punts were terrible all year. We lost most of our games by losing field postion.. I think that was a dumb decision :x

Based on his field goal work, I think it was a great decision.

This doesn't mean that we still can't sign another player to do the punting role. We know it is worth while to keep him on for field goals

Tillman has already stated that he is bringing in a punter for next year and let Congi only do field goals and converts

Luca is one of the top3 kickers in the L... They will bring in a punter

I absolutely agress that field position really hurt the Riders this year because of Congi's weak punting. However, he did improve in the second half of the season, and the rule changes on punts that bounce helped as well.

At the halfway point of the season Congi had a gross average of around 35. He ended up at the end of the season with a 38 yard average, which means he averaged roughly 41 yards a kick in the second half. I don't know about you guys, but I would be OK with 41-42 yards per punt. However, if the Riders can get a guy in who can punt 45-46 yarda and kick it out of bounds inside the 10 consistantly, it is worth the roster spot. Whether it be a Canadian or American. 5 - 10 yards more per punt multiplied by 6-7 punts per game adds up.

At least the league realized that the rule they brought in this year for a 15 yard no-yards penalty on kicks that bounce was a stupid one and they changed their minds. I think Congi was the reason they actually changed that rule because he was hitting way too many 20 yard punts and his cover guys couldn't get out of the way in time resulting in 5 yard net punts.

Well Don't worry about congi punting he isnt good at that. he is going to be kicker ONLY.. if we sign O'mahony.

I have mixed feelings on the new deal with Congi. Punting aside, because we everyone, including himself, knows that this is not his strong point (AT ALL).

Yes Congi had a very good percentage last year kicking field goals, however, he has a weak leg. Numerous timse Barrett was forced to either punt or gamble on third down because congi didn't have the leg for the long field goals (he hit one 53 yarder with the wind).

Overall I think that Congi is a good signing, but he needs to work on his leg strength a bit.

Funny stat on here. Corey Grant's punt average was 46 yards (one punt mind you), maybe there is a place for Grant on our roster after all.

The Congi deal was a good idea... He is a top 3 kicker imo. Tillman said he was gonna get a punter so he better...