I am really happy for Luca... he's had a rough time of it lately, and for a promising Rookie to win on the last play of the game.. will go along way in instilling confidence. Now if we can get those players to block for him on punts!!

Luca Congi = 2006 Rookie of the Year!!

Congi or Fantuz,,, Rookie of the year, what a great pair of rookies!!

Congi or Fantuz, either or, for rookie of the year, what a great pair of Canucks Oops oh well its worth repeating!!!

Too bad the Riders didn't keep Pikula to do the punting, so Congi could focus on placekicking! Could he be the second coming of Sandro DeAngelis? Nice to have a Ridgway type who can kick in the clutch!

Anyone remember during 2003 season when Saskatchewan played Montreal in Regina? Same scenario...last second field goal...McCallum pulled her left and we lost! Nice to be on the other side of the win/loss column for a change