Congi signs with Esks

with Grant Shaw potentially out for the season the Esks signed Congi, a great guy who was very cordial with us TiCat fans who had the pleasure to meet him.

Good for Him :thup:

I hope he makes a difference for them!

Good for Congi,but a bit of a surprise to me as I thought that Mr.Duck Dynasty aka Hugh O'Neill looked pretty good and did a nice job for the Esks against the Stamps the other night. Good luck to Congi nevertheless I'm kind of surprised that it took him this long to be signed on to another team after his release from us.Hopefully things work out for him in Edmonton,except if he happens to be in the lineup against us in the next game after Saskatchewan of course,hopefully he'll miss a key FG or 2 and hopefully helps out his old team,cause we can use all the help we can get. :lol:

Hey Congratulations Luca, wish you well with Edmonton!!

Congi only did the place kicking for the Ticats while Bartel handled the punting. Maybe Jones is planning to use O'Neill solely for punting and have Luca focus on place kicking as he did when he was here. Could be that they are not totally comfortable with "Mr.Duck Dynasty" kicking FGs except in a pinch as he had to do last week.

Regardless, it is nice to see Luca given another chance in the league and aren't we fortunate that it is with a western team even though we still have a game remaining with them? :smiley: I do wish him well, except of course in his return to Hamilton!