Congi removed from All-Star team

Dear Nation,

CFL made a mistake? Sandro DeAngelis is the NEW 2007 West All-Star kicker.

Interesting. I think Sandro should have received the honour, but I am skeptical on how they overturned the decision…miscount? really?

It’s not just in…already started discussing here…

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My thread has a better title.


Are you serious?... :roll:

It seems so...but does anyone care but him? :lol:

I think it is too late to overturn it.

The whole MVP thing this year has been a bit off IMO.

Hank won Player of the Month when he was out with an injury for 2 of the 4 games that month. WTF is that about? Then his comments were I did not expect to win that. No kidding he didn't expect to win it.

Then when he doesn't get picked for all-star he cries. give it up. It is all hogwash in the end.