Congi Out McKight In

From the Scratching Post:

"We felt like Brody has done well the last couple of weeks and we want to give him a chance to perform," head coach Kent Austin said.

I like the idea, this will make Congi realize his job is not set in stone.

well let’s see how thw kid makes out,personally I think this move might come back and bite us in the arse!.I would,have liked to have seen Congi seek out revenge on his former team.Oh well,here’s hoping i’m wrong… :wink: at least two forum members(BIGCAT,Makaveli)have been calling for Congi’s head in another post…maybe the coaching staff have also?..We will see how it turns out(fingers crossed)later today!!

Interesting, I really didn't see this coming, I thought Congi's mechanics last week weren't that bad, his problems could have been fixed in 30 seconds this week in practice but the unfortunately the CFL is a "what have you done for me lately" kind of business. I did get to watch McKnight in Riders training camp this year and the kid was hitting 60 yard fg's in warmups with relative ease. Chris Milo wins the kicking job because he was more consistent when it came to making shorter FG attemps in team scrimmages. McKnight is a loose cannon of sorts, very strong leg and gets fantastic hight and distance on his FG & KO attempts but he might have consistency issues. Hopefully Ozzy has taught him to settle down these past few weeks in practice. He doesn't quite have the leg strength of Mr. Medlock but hes close. Lets see if he sinks or swims today........

Whenever you spell a players name you should at least have the basic respect of spelling it correctly. His name is McKnight.

It only takes two seconds to look at the roster for the spelling, or do you prefer to seem illiterate?

Bad move. Let Congi work out his technique in another game or so. Then, if no results, you replace him. Sends the wrong message to the whole team (i.e. "no stability to be expected"), just like previous coaches.

I don't think this move was made as a punishment for less than expected performance by Congi. It wouldn't have been made unless the coaches believe that McKnight will perform equally well or better, in this game, than Congi unless he (Congi) has some undisclosed injury or other issue. Other considerations, in comparing the two, would be experience, age, cost and (key in this new regime) versatility -- 3 of 4 favouring McKnight.

Touche, From what I've seen from the two of them.....In practice hes a much more capable punter than Congi too, if Bartel went down, McKnight could hypothetically hold is own. He just hasn't punted in a CFL game before....

I like the move. Strong legged kickers have faded out a bit in the CFL. from 50 and in should be a FG that is makeable for a pro kicker if not and you can improve on that you give it a try.
For Kick Offs as well. The Riders had the luxury of having Ricky S who not only has a pro punters leg but a pro kick off leg. Having a kicker who can kick off to or into the end zone on a regular basis makes a big difference ask the Argos with Swayze Waters. The Argos were able to have no problem when kicking a 50 yard FG and deep kick offs helped the defense and field position a ton.
Hamilton finished last place last year they need to have better players period. All in All you can have the best coach in the world but without good players you will not win.
two new starters on defense for Hamilton as well an NFL free agent in his prim at Sam and rookie NCAA DI draft pick stephen at CB. I thought that Stephan would be a better safety but Austin knows his stuff

Great idea, you have to try someone new and we have another kicker in Brody, Congi just is not cutting it for whatever reason?

Last week he had two missed field goals 6 points off the board, the week before one miss, he's been averaging at least one or two misses per game and in a close game that could be huge, just look back to week one against Toronto and he missed there as well? Kickers are not paid to miss, some fans think Congi is great, if he's so great why does he miss? At least with Justin Medlock he was 90% accuracy and booted no problem from 50 yards out, he had a great leg in both kicking and punting? We have Josh Bartel who I don't have a problem with because he does his job, he's great punter, now we just need a kicker!

Go Get Em Brody!!

You guys have the same problem that we have, as we need Waters back asap with Pre being horrible in the Peg.

Yah it's a weird year so far for Kickers and injuries, it seems every team is effected in some ways??

I too am surprised by how short the leash was but players lose their starting positions all the time, its just more visible when its a kicker vs an offensive lineman. Congi had one upside, consistency. The points we lost by punting from the 45, we gained by not missing from the 35. But now he doesn't even seem to have that.

We don’t know how much kickoff performance counted into the decision and it didn’t matter – there was not a single Hamilton kickoff in the game.

BRING BACK JUSTIN MEDLOCK!! Or if not available sign Tie Domi, he kicked once for the Argo's??

McKnight on the FG was not even close....

His stats in college were 59 of 87--- enough said. Congi is the guy moving forward.


I didn't think it was enough said but since you said it I guess it is...

McKnight's entire involvement in the game was one attempted FG. I think it was about 52 yds, wide right, maybe not long enough to top the bar if it had been straight, and the play wiped out by a holding call on a teammate. No kickofffs, no converts. And, it appears that was enough to return him to the Practice Roster prior to the start of practising for the return match. Wow! That would indicate to me, now, that the benching of Congi was not what I thought it was. It had to be, as Kavis Reed would say, a consequence of his poor performance so far this year, unless there was a health or personal issue.

Andy Fantuz is Congi's filed goal holder ....... the current holder can not get in sink with Congi. Much work to do on all phases of the games.

Well, you can't be surprised that McKnight is back to PR.. I mean, he's never hit a FG in the CFL, and last I checked 6/10 is better than 0/2.