Congi and Milo? or Congi or Milo?

So.. what do you do folks?

do you keep them both for the rest of the season?

remember they have Boreham ?? again.

do you have Milo punt and Congi kick? or does James come back and punt?

I really like this Milo kid for punting at least, and I suspect he could one day become the place kicker as well. I really like the way he punts the ball, especially into the wind. He also comes from that football factory in Laval with a great winning tradition. I think he has way too much upside for the future to let him get away on us. He is also good insurance if Congi doesn't come around to full leg strength because of his knee injury.

For now, I say Milo and Boreham. Who does not remember the intensity Boreham brings to special teams? He may not have the corner coffin accuracy of Milo or Johnson but Jamie will not let a returner get past him. Milo has proven himself as a developing place kicker as the season progresses and I think Boreham would be a great weapon both punting and stopping the return. All in all, when Conji and Johnson dress again, the Riders will have a full arsenal to work with as far as the kicking game is concerned.

Drop Milo, Congi and Boreham can handle kicking duties much better.

Upside? Fine.

But right now the kid can't hit water if he fell out of a boat. If Congi is on the roster, why isn't he kicking?

I think it really depends on if they feel Congi's ankle will effect his game down the road. That is a factor we are simply not in the know about. If Congi is not used this week his days may be numbered.

The same goes for Jamie with the injury he suffered a few years ago. What made him brilliant is the way he ran up on the line when punting, thus making teams contain him instead of dropping back. If he is not comfortable doing that he will not be likely be sticking around.

As for Milo, he has amazing leg strength for field goals, it is more a matter if he can get back to fundamentals and split the uprights.

But if he's not ready then why isn't he on the 1game?

I think Milo should punt, and Congi should kick field goals.

because they wanted insurance in the game likely

I like that idea 100%

Well said, Depop. I agree totally.