Congi and Bagg both out for the Season

Congi and Bagg are gone,

just great!

now what?

....seriously though, I wouldn't be too worried, Johnston (sp?) did a perfectly fine job handling the kicking duties on the spur of the moment (so practicing all week should only result in more confidence) and while Bagg is an important reciever for your squad it's not like the riders have no one else to chuck the ball to....Bagg was your fourth guy anyway

I hate to see the injuries but looking at the big picture we have bigger problems to deal with and believe we have adequate (though not as good) replacements for these guys.

Bagg getting injured just means Clermont will get more touches. Hardly a bad thing.

and he is going to be a star.

Would be nice to see Sisco but probably only happen if the ratio thing comes up. Grice is/was taking first team reps, and he'll do fine as long as he doesn't get the case of the dropies. I think that was an issue in the past. Stamp is right we have enough depth (thanks Tillman) to not worry. New kicker is already in town (Taman good job).

I still can't figure out how Calgary never got a penalty for running into Congi.

The guy dove right at his knees. I thought contacting/roughing the kicker was an automatic first down. Apparently the referees were completely oblivious (as usual)

My understanding is that the Roughing the Kicker penalty is not called if the kick is blocked.

that's right, if the ball is touched while attempting to block a kick then contact is legal.. unless he deliberately hits the kicker in a rough manner.