Confusing Depth Chart

Ernest Jackson finally gets a start and gets bumped by Davis ?
Woodcock suddenly starts out of the blue over Baumanm..not much sense there
John Williams listed as # 1 RB must be a mistake
Defence is the same as expected but I think they should start canadian Kashama and then move Anthony to Mariuz' position
I hope lumsden and keith get plenty of touches , draw plays and screen passes and passes out of the backfield..mix that in with a few qb draws and bombs to rodriguez and we can be all rights

I hope its confusing to the Allwets, but Bauman should definitely be the starter. Davis must have really impressed to get a start so soon.

Its training camp in October!

lets not forget, just because it sais these things doesnt mean its true...the depth chart listed on the site has been wrong before. and some of the things on the depth chart for tomorrows game are just wayyyyyy too crazy to be true


Chris Davis is starting over Chris Bauman
[in 4 receiver sets] not Woodcock, gerbear9.

There are 4 other receivers to choose from
when we go with 5 and 6 receiver sets

Bauman and JoJo will be out there a lot.

Davis played well in a short time in Montreal in 2006

If he plays well he'll get invited
to Training Camp next year.

Johnny Williams may play in FB/RB sets
as is listed in the depth chart but I bet

Jesse and/or Kenton will be
in the FB/RB sets as well,

and there will be 2 Running Back sets
with Jesse Lumsden and Kenton Keith.


Jykine Bradley is back at his familiar corner position.

I can almost guarantee that Walker will be sitting out this game Ron. They have to sit out three imports from the depth chart and those three will probably be Dominic Lewis, Jojo Walker and one of either Ernest Jackson or Bo Smith (with Chris Davis pencilled in to start, I figure it will be Jackson). The only way Walker will be in the lineup is if they decide to sit Tre Smith but I don't think that is going to happen.

I think Smith will sit, otherwise he would be on the depth chart as kick/punt returner.