Conflict On This Site

I have been retired for many years. In my profession I dealt with many many persons who were in serious conflict and, in both the Woldu and Wilson areas of this Alouette site, neagitive conflict is very evident. Some conflict is very appropriate but, the antagonistic rudeness in some of our responses is not called for. Are we not here for give and take expression of our views of football with each other? Conflict happens when one person overacts to the overractions of the other. We have something very good here- a place to share our thoughts about our favorite team. We can surely express areas of disagreement in a respectful manner! Lets do it!

Don't let one Grade A hole spoil your fun.

With all due respect, Niagara, I have seen worse on this site.

You do, however, raise a legitimate point. There have been far too many verbal jibes/insults made towards posters' remarks. There have been troublemakers in the past and I commend the Mods for having removed some of the worst offenders. If certain posters get out of line, the mods monitor this and other sites and they may decide to take the appropriate action. There are "rules of engagement" here so to speak. So, gents, let's enjoy our favourite sport, posting about our favourite team (including things we don't like), but let's do so with a certain amount of civility, hmmm?

Conflict resolution is great in theory, but in order for that to happen, both parties have to be willing to step up.

WE can indeed be respectful if each of us decides to do this.

Well said.

I noticed that the ticats only game here will be on AC's 40th birthday next aug. 23. Both his former teams do battle to celebrate. Some conflicts are better than others. :stuck_out_tongue:

Je salue cette intervention pleine de sagesse et de civisme. Nous n'avons pas tous le même style, mais nous encourageons tous la même équipe, et adorons tous le même sport. Certaines façons d'écrire ne plaisent pas à tous, mais tant qu'il s'agit de s'exprimer sans apostropher qui que ce soit, quoiqu'on puisse être en désaccord ou être un peu exaspéré par le genre, nous sommes tous suffisamment brillants pour agir dans le sens de la grandeur plutôt que dans le sens de la petitesse. C'est entre autres ce que j'apprécie de ce forum, et ce serait bien de conserver cet état d'esprit.

agreed. i like this forum. :thup:

And I think it's been better lately. We had some trouble a while back, but thankfully that miscreant was banned and hasn't, as do so many, come back with a new name. . .

Anyone who thinks this forum is belligerent has not frequented too many. This is probably the most tightly controlled and mild mannered forum in pro sports.

agreed. :thup: :thup:

Le Staff: C'etait votre note dans cette section que vous y etes invite mon poste contre l'hostilite en elle.

234ever: I believe Hamilton has really benefited the most from free agency. The game on AC's birthday between the Als and Ticats might be an early look at the East Final Game in oct/nov.

Tout à fait d'accord, et il est bien que ça continue.

You talkin bout Senior ah me?

As condescending and cynical as SAM was, he at least stayed on topic. As stubborn and fiercely opinionated as he was, he at least had the courtesy to talk about football. Some others, which I will refrain from naming, seemingly complain just to complain, and don't hesitate to derail a topic to rant incessantly about whatever trivial thing is on their agenda.

As much as cynics bother me, there's nothing wrong with being one.

That's not who he is talking about. Get over yourselves.

Oh, I know, that's what I was trying to convey. I guess I didn't do a very good job of it, though. :?
To tell you the truth, I kinda miss the guy... in a weird way.

Last years attack on the subject was vicious and cruel. We all should convey our differing opinions politely and not subject anyone to the mocking that took place last year. Personally I would never omit anyone from the posts sent my way. To tell anyone who posts on this forum that he has been omitted from the material gathered on one’s site is unconscionable.