Conflict of Interest Demands Removal of Bauer, B.O.D.

The City of Winnipeg should immediately replace the Bomber Board Directors due to a conflict of interest.
Shortly after unanimously approving a letter of intent by David Asper to purchase the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football club, this Board found itself caught in a conflict of interest between the City of Winnipeg, the current owner and media mogul David Asper, the investor-in-waiting.

While watching the Bombers complete their planned 2008 Grey Cup run is the primary interest of the fans, this conflicts with David Asper’s wish to pay the lowest possible price for this club. Buy low; sell high. That’s the mantra of the stock market, isn’t it?

After watching the woeful coaching duo of Doug Berry and Offensive Coordinator Kit Cartwright go 4-12 since the midseason of 2007, President & CEO Lyle Bauer has stated publicly that he will do absolutely nothing to improve the situation. Instead, he has sat idly by & allowed the Bombers stock value to plummet to the lowest value in the league. The Bombers currently have a 1-6 record, the worst in the CFL.

It is no secret that Lyle Bauer and other members of the Board want to be an integral part of David Asper’s administration. What better way to get into the good graces of David Asper than to offer him the Bombers for the price of a cup of coffee?

For the benefit of the players who made personal and financial sacrifices for a Grey Cup run this season and the Winnipeg Blue Bomber co-owners, the fans, the City of Winnipeg should immediately dismiss this current board of directors and appoint an interim Board of Directors until such time that ownership of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber football club changes hands.
I encourage you to contact the Mayor of Winnipeg, Sam Katz, your local city councilor and demand that they remove Lyle Bauer and the current Board of Directors immediately, while this season’s fate still hangs in the balance.

We lost the Jets because of a lack of political will at City Hall. Let your representatives know that losing this year’s Grey Cup is not a sacrifice you are willing to make for the sake of private ownership.

The Blue Bomber players made it to the 2007 Grey Cup by sacrifice & sheer determination; now it is our turn to clear the way for our players to make it to the 2008 Grey Cup this November in Montreal.
The ball is in your hands, Winnipeggers; don’t let Lyle Bauer strip it away.

P.S. If someone with CPU skill wants to make an online petition to City Hall for the Immediate removal of Pres./CEO Lyle Bauer and the Board of Directors, that would be cool.

I agree with you 100 percent. Also Bauer does not care about the fans. He made comments in the Free Press regarding Bomber fans who want change. His remarks towards fans were BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. What kind of head honcho is this ?? He does not seem to understand that the current performance of the Bombers is unacceptable. The same can be said for some of the spertswriters in this town. They could care less about the fans. They don't want to cross hairs with Bomber management as they may lose some of their perks, such as free tickets, booze, and food. I went to the Bomber, Alouette game. They were passing out leaflets for Bauers big blowout party in late August. Maybe the agenda should be altered to Bauers goodbye and good riddance party. If this is the kind of attitude the current management has and is close to Asper, then we are better off staying community owned with or without a new stadium