Confirmed: No TD Atlantic this year

As the league had indicated, there will be no Touchdown Atlantic this year:

I'm not sure if I agree with the CFL's decision not to do one this year. If we're celebrating Canada's game with the 100th Grey Cup, shouldn't we include as much of Canada as possible?

It comes down to business. Out of the 8 teams, only 2 of them (Hamilton and Toronto) gain additional revenue by playing in Moncton. Both those teams should get their own houses in order before trying to "grow the game" in New-Brunswick.

It may or may not be the right move. I'm to understand the deal with Moncton is for 5 games and they've used up 2 of them, so they may be saving three games for next year. Who knows? I do agree though, winning back Southern Ontario is key.

I’d still be trying to play a game in the maratimes… Have to include everyone…

Its a good decision, last year was a bit of a harder sell so skipping a year and then maybe marketing a back to back for Hamilton in 2013 might be a good idea.

Its to bad they wont be playing a game this year but i understand that its expensive for temporary seating and hard to take a home game away from someone. They will be back in 2013 with a game maybe 2 :thup: :thup:

Back to back makes a lot of economic sense. one round trip flight and do the activities between the two games and you can offer a 2 game package. You get a top notch seat for one game and an end zone seat cheap for the other type thing.

I agree 2 games make sense, last years event was not a sell out but i think alot of people might have been turned off because of the first game with the Argos and Eskimos was not very entertaining it was pretty bad to be honest but last years game was outstanding, hopefully that can bring back some of those who bought tickets the first time but not the second