confirmed: Chang now #1 QB; will start on Labour Day

Chang’s touchdown was against a soft defense with 3 rushers and 9 defenders. (see my signature) Even in Chang’s limited playing time, he’s completed CFL’s longest pass play of the season!

and don’t forget the two touchdown in 1/2 a preseason game :slight_smile:

Hello 1 and 17 Here we Come..

Hey habman it's Maas who's been letting US down ever since he got here. Chang may not win but I bet he doesn't spend the whole game grabbing his helmet and looking to the heavens. Maas is damaged goods in more ways than one, so lets see what the kid can do. If he's not up to the challenge lets find out now so we can spend the off-season recruiting a no. 1 QB.

Your opinion is shared by a lot of people here

and it sounds like Timmy is going be in charge of
the Ticat Offence for awhile, jimmyedwards78

As you say, let him develop and learn how to be a CFL QB.

Let's all keep our eyes on that goal.

Whether some of you believe otherwise or not,

we are not likely to get the results
we have been asking for [wins now ]

Don't get too emotional or critical.

Let's support Timmy in his challenge.

Habman: How do you know we are going to get killed Monday? How do you know Chang will be running for his life. Do you honestly think that Chang has never seen defensive variations in his life? I’m sure he will deal with it just as well as Maas has.
And you’re disapointed that they gave up on Maas. Hmmm. He’s what 5-19 since coming to the Cats. 1-7 this year. I can see why you are disapointed.

No one said he was the second coming. Why don't you just keep quiet and let the kid get some playing time. After, say ten games, I think you can start to critcize, since Maas got what 25 games and you are still tooting his horn.

Good call Onkknight, We'll follow up on this one later in the season.
I find it amazing how you can predict the future so well. Guess you missed out on the 1-7 prediction early on eh?

this is the right call at this time of year. I hope the coaching staff, game plans it safe with quick passes and roll outs and the occasional deep pass to keep them honest. Don't have him sit in the pocket too long or he will get killed and could lose his confidence rather quickly.

This IS a normal city, with normal fans.

The only thing exceptional about Ticat fans is the exceptional level of futility they've endured from their favourite football team over the past fifteen years.

Take our record of failed ownerships and mostly bad teams, apply it to any team you care to name and see how abnormal the fans are here. There's a lot of half-empty buildings out there that house teams that win a lot more often than the Cats have recently.

Ticat fans understandably expect more - they just disagree about how best to get there.

well ive stuck by taffe and staff so far so i'll keep going. good luck to timmy.
im hoping he can handle this and am hoping.
bottom line we block. you gotta run on the argos for anything to work, but don't know why it will work now (finally).
it'll either be chang getting destroyed or (hopefully) his foot speed will create a lot more and he will be successful if the offensive schemees are balanced but so fR this season for maas they havent been.

this is chang's chance and against a tough vet defence like toronto it's going to be interesting one way or the other.

The vaunted Argo D looked pretty ordinary against Wpg (and others)

Bringing Bishop back, the guy's going to be somewhat "cold", so Monday may be one of the best hopes for a win...

The proof of the pudding will be the rematch that follows in Toronto. IMO, that will be the critical game of whether we are moving ahead or just marking time with false hopes by shuffling players.

I sure hope Jesse's shoulder is recovered and "game shape"!

Taaff had no other choice really. It also means they have given up on making the show for this year.

Keeping Maas around for the remainder of the season (150K) shows that they are going to give Chang every bit of support and knowledge they can.

For Maas it's a sad time. One of the toughest QB's to play in the CFL and a great guy. IMO his body is saying "enough".

Good luck to the Cats, looks like it will be an interesting game.

HfxTC , so what your saying is because Maas has had trouble in the red zone his carreer is over ??

Bout time Charlie, you bum...

Way to start bailing out the ship, when its already 6 feet under water...

Get rid of Mass, open your damn eyes....

We know who is going for the throat, the Maas apologists. The rest will likely wait 4 or 5 games before forming an opinion.

8) While I will agree with you that Chang has done nothing yet to show that he is the second coming, we will never know until he is given a real chance to run this football team !!! However what we have witnessed so far from a veteran QB sure has not been pretty either, so what difference would it make anyway !!! This whole offence bacically looks to be in a state of confusion at this point !!! The necessary change is finally happening !!!!

Hushcat, why be so catty? Hush.

Putting Chang in will not miraculously turn this team around. However sometimes when a change like this is made, other things happen because of it. The pace will likely pick up and I believe the receivers will feel more confident and perhaps fight for the ball a little harder. Maybe the O-line will be motivated a bit more by not wanting to let Chang down in his new role. Small improvements but they may very well lead to better play, a few more first downs and a chance for the defence to stay off the field a little longer. As for those continual stupid penalties...well I think it will take more than a QB change to cure that situation.
Also....I don't think the A____'s defence will scare him one bit.
What a golden opportunity for Timmy. Good luck to him.

Bottom line is it's the right call for right now. We need to see if Chang can handle the position in the CFL. I don't think this is entirely about Maas not being able to do the job but more about the future and giving Chang a chance to learn and develop.

The reality is though that just like what happened with Maas, if we don't have a solid line and avoid stupid penalties, Chang won't get the results we all hope for. Heck with this line and the penalties we've had, Flutie would have had difficulty in his prime.


I think this is ALL about Maas not being able to do the job after a year and a half of sub-standard play.
I think this change is the end of Maas in Hamilton. Charlie has made it clear that Chang will not be judged on his first few games if we still lose. This tells me that he will likely finish the season. This is a good move as we keep on re-building and try again for a playoff spot next season.
I think if Chang does not perform as expected there will be another QB brought in by next season. Maas will be gone by then.