confirmed: Chang now #1 QB; will start on Labour Day

Fascinating. I'm not surprised that he is starting, that has been hinted at all week. What is interesting is that the coach is giving him the starting role for a while, long enough to really see how he shapes up. Good luck to Timmy Chang, I hope he gives us a spark.

Well I can't say I'm surprised, I mean 5-19 doesn't get you much love anyway

Good luck Tim. And as Milton forewarned, this will not be an immediate turn-around.

Now can the team come up with plays to counter the Boatmen rush.

IF he tanks... and i pray to god he doesn't because he has all the tools.... i cant wait to see this place, wonder how many weeks it will take to run him out of town.

A win on labour day and he's the new hero in town. Good luck Timmy.

I would say he'd have to lose and show little or no hope for improvment for the rest of the season before he would be 'chased out of town'.

In a normal city, with normal fans.... you're 100% right.


I wouldn't be too negative about the response from this list. The team has finally decided to make a much-needed change at QB.
Thats all most of us were asking for. If it doesn't work out, I'm sure it won't take another year and a half before someone else is brought in.

You would think the team would have made the announcement of the QB change on their website before we get to read it in the paper. Sheesh.

why doesnt richie williams ever get a shot to start?

He may lose more than he wins this season but it's all about investing in the future. Chang's got an upside that needs to be developed but it will take time.

An Argo-Cat fan

Were gonna get killed on Monday and Chang will be running for his life . Its a veteran defence and they will show him so many variations off formations that his head will be swivelling . He`ll be runnng for his life and i wont be surprised if he gets some real hard shots when he is scrambling .

Im disapointed that they have given up on Maas running the offence . I hope the people around him are taking a long hard look at themselves because they have let him down game in and game out !!!!

I agree completely and like i said this is a good move at this point in the year... but dont kid yourself for a second, these are the same fans that blamed Lancaster for everything outside of the murder of JFK long after he was done as a GM with this team. These are the fans that tried to run McManus out of town when it was clear he had no help around him, and these are the same fans that cry boycott every 2 weeks combined with drunken rants about bringing back players that have clearly failed.

Im not saying it will happen (Chang fail OR the fans turning) but lets face it, most Ticat fans dont have the track record of being a patient bunch.

i say no matter what happens play him rest of season and let him learn how to be a cfl qb develop his me i can see a great cfl qb in him,i watched him play a bowl game with hawaii in dec 2003 i thought then this guy has cfl written all over him he can run and gunsling, great scramble insticts and presence in the pocket plus a real live arm on i say the future is right here right now.

[let the war drums start beating i see the argos on the horizon ,the rumble in the jungle is going to happen].

Chang has done nothing for me to think he is the second coming . He threw one TD paas , big deal . Hes also looked lost and thrown some very poor balls . Hes mostly been in mop up roles , when the defences are playing soft to avoid deep passes . Wait and see how he plays when they have 7 or 8 in the box and thier showing blitz but dont , then you will see a cofused YOUNG QB , Ive seen that look a million times over the years and it`s never pretty !@!!!

No matter what they do, there is always somebody to criticize them.

Im not criticizing them i`m stating facts here . Sure Maas has had trouble getting the ball in the endzone . But he has moved the ball up and down the field and it would only been a matter of time till they started scoring tds . Now we have to start all over again .

If Jesse can romp Timmy might win. :cowboy:

I'm just glad we finally have a healthy q.b starting for us. I wish Maas all the best and hope he helps mentor Chang the way he did with Ray.