Confirmed: 2019 Grey Cup game to be held in Calgary

Assuming negotiations go nowhere over the next few years - also further assuming Calgary does not receive the 2026 Olympics and all the wonderful government subsidies that go along with it AND progress remains stalled with new civic leadership assuming Nenshi leaves for greener pastures after his next term is up - I suspect the Flames ownership will tire of owning a team in a outdated, slowly deteriorating building and sell the team to outside interests. In that case, any goodwill towards their remaining teams public teams would quickly dissipate and they would be forced to sell. This would include the stamps.

I don’t think there will be any worries about selling a Grey Cup in Calgary for 2019. The Flames situation is unlikely to be any different in 1.5 years time.

Is there any evidence that Bob Young struggles to make money with the Ticats? It was my understanding that the team had been profitable since Tim Hortons Field was opened at full capacity.

Things have changed a lot since 1996.

No, people like me are who is transforming and changing this city. It’s people like you who feel the city is being “gentrified”. The Hamilton of the 60’s and 70’s is no longer. I was born in this wonderful city in 1980. The last 15 years has seen more change then the first 25.

If people like me were few and far between, the city wouldn’t have the condo development that it does.

The city has already changed Kevin, and you have been left behind.

Uh actually Kev , I do remember and in reality it was actually $25.00 a ticket . Those tickets by the way were for the temp seating section at Ivor Wynne in the end zone and there was a limited supply of them for sale . I’m not sure where you are getting your $2.00 a ticket info from unless of course it’s just you trying to embellish and over exaggerate trying to get your unfounded point across as “Hammertown Proud” stated .

I tell ya what though , hows about you find a story or article about those $2.00 fictional tickets that you talk about and provide us all with the link as proof to back up your ridiculous claim ? Yup . Good luck with that one !! ::slight_smile:

If I embellished, I apologize.

My ex father-in-law told me the story and, truth be told, I don`t remember how much he paid.

If it was $25, I apologize, but I remember it (the story) being much less than that.

Re : ~Evidence~

Nothing I can quote. Just talk I have heard on different radio programs.

We will have to agree to disagree. But, in my defense…

Why is Hamilton the ONLY CFL city NOT to host a Grey Cup in the last 22 years?

The answer :

Because Hamilton will not support the Grey Cup at the current pricing, and Bob Young does not want to lose money.

Heck, during those 22 years, Ottawa has only had a team for 9(?) years, and hosted it twice.

The proof is in the pudding.

They were anticipating being profitable in 2015. I can’t imagine Scott Mitchell would still have a job if he missed that goal by 5 years. Despite being an absolute PR nightmare at times, there’s a reason Bob Young keeps Mitchell around. He runs a successful franchise.

Fair enough. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a struggle.

A Grey Cup in Hamilton between say the Als and the Lions would be a total financial disaster for the TiCats and just about everyone except the league, I'm guessing, that gets their upfront money based on a sellout and if a sellout doesn't happen, the league doesn't care, they get their money.

No way does a Grey Cup in Hamilton work under the current system. Total disaster.

Eventually the league will figure out a way to be sure at least one team in the Grey Cup is hosting the event. But that's rocket science I guess and the CFL isn't exactly avante garde. Grey Cup and CFL, love you but you are not the Super Bowl in terms of how these things work in Canada. :-\

I agree, 100%.

I don't know if a Grey Cup would be so unsuccessful. The Cats have a solid ST base, so why do people think those ST holders wouldn't purchase Cup tickets at a similar rate to ST holders in other cities?

There's almost a 50% chance that either Hamilton or Toronto would be in it, so there'd be area fans to draw on in such a case. And there's a better than 50% chance that either Hamilton or Toronto (or both) would be in the East final, which would compel at least some of those local fans to buy Cup tickets if any are still available at that time.

What am I missing about the situation?

Re : “What am I missing about the situation?”

The price of the tickets - assuming they are in any way similar to recent Grey Cups.

If posters think that people balked at the price of the most recent Toronto Grey Cup, you aint seen nothing. The people of Hamilton will stay away in droves. The phrase, “I’m NOT paying THAT kind of money for a football game”, will be heard from Stoney Creek to Burlington, from the Centennial Parkway to Ancaster. Hamiltonians will NOT buy in and the team will end up giving away tickets to paper the house.

If I was wrong and there was money to be made, Bob Young would have held a Grey Cup by now. There’s a reason he hasn’t. Again, the proof is in the pudding and there is a reason why Hamilton has not hosted a Grey Cup in 22 years, and won’t any time soon.

I don’t think anything is missing, this seems more of a case on the assumption that past performance is an indicator of future results.

The 1996 game was not successful at the gate and there hasn’t been one since. Hence the default is Hamilton will never be a good host.

Look at Toronto’s history over the past 30 years.

1989 was so successful they were awarded the next 2 available '92 and '93…Toronto: Good host

1992 was so unsuccessful that they had to sell the 1993 game. Toronto: Bad host

2007 was a success even with no Ontario based teams in and sold out before the Riders made it in. Toronto: Good host. So good that Bob McCowan advotaced that they should host it more often.

2012 was another success being the 100th and sold out before the Argos made it in. Toronto: Still good host.

2016 first one at a smaller capacity BMO and was widley assumed to be an easy sellout until the prices came out…(originlly higher than Ottawa in 2017).we all know the story and a Pizza Pizza promo later (was came from Hamilton out of all places) along with a paper the remaining tickets with their corporate sponsors…Toronto: a Taboo host again.

Again, the proof is in the pudding.

My guess, Bob Young has run studies to see if it will sell, and the results have not been good. Don’t hold your breath for a Hamilton Grey Cup.

Well judging by the topic of this thread it was assumed Calgary was never going to be in the mix until new or rebuilt stadium happened and many were wrong... including myself....I would wait until the litigation gets resolved first....if it does until we know Mr. Young's intent

For everyone who thinks I have an agenda, I don't. I LOVE the Ticats and would LOVE to see Bob Young get a BIG payday to reimburse him for all the money he has lost - and as a rainy day fund for the future.

I just don't see it.

Okay. Let’s wait. And, for the record, I hope I’m wrong, I hope Hamilton gets a Grey Cup, and I hope Bob Young makes a fortune. I just wouldn’t bet on it. :wink:

Hey Kevin ....I have not posted in a long while , but in regards to a G.C being successful in Hamilton , .................the way I might guage the financial success of the game would be, if they can sell a ticket at full price to you ( which you have stated on this forum you would buy if the game was indeed awarded to Steel Town ) then all I can say is, it would be a roaring success Cheers

LOL. You got me. :slight_smile:

P.S. It’s nice to see you back in this forum, Mr. P. :slight_smile: