Confirmed: 2019 Grey Cup game to be held in Calgary

Very interesting development if true.

A)It shows the CFL does...and a cannotleveragecitiesover new or renovated stadiums. One way is not to award major events and holding off the Grey Cup may be the only way the league can do this.

B) Since the Stamps are under the same ownership as the Flames, any relocation threat of the NHL club will be weak for the next 2 years. Otherwise, it would impact the game here and not in a good way.

We'll see if there is fire behind this smoke.

In 2020 Hamilton's THF gets it's fair shot to host Grey Cup.

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"We're in the process of making a bid (for the 2019 Grey Cup)" - John Hufnagel #CFL #Calstampeders via @CFLonTSN

Enjoy the CFL and Grey Cup but if anyone thinks the league is screwing up because it according to Mightygoogse "It shows the CFL does...and a cannotleveragecitiesover new or renovated stadiums" well welcome to a domestic league that we as Canadians own and control. You want Americans stuff that turns on more Canadians, go for those leagues that are owned and controlled by Americans and have mainly American teams in them.

Hey, just visited Cornwall Ontario this week and Memorial Cup champs way back but the city didn't care one way or another and now the city, with a very nice arena and complex just has a beefed up Junior B team that is in the Junior A league, whatever that is, nothing compared with the CHL leagues that can vie for the Memorial Cup.

Canada is somewhat of a joke in many ways sports wise.

Bob Young does NOT want the Grey Cup - and I don't blame him.

More trouble and money than it is worth.

....a potential sale of around $800M to the owner of the Houston Rockets is not going to be stalled by something like the GC...

More to the point after what has gone on in Hamilton and seems to continue to go on, Bob Young SHOULDN'T want the Grey Cup.

Agreed on some level but if ownership is going to sell of a profitable Flames team for relocation...and the #1 team in the market for that matter, I think they'll alienate their other business including the other sports team they own.

Good luck selling a premium event in that enviorment

…they won’t care Mighty, not for a windfall like that…probably sell all the assets if the Flames leave Calgary, the CSEC wouldn’t exist really anymore without the Flames as they are the primary bread ticket…

Nice. Hopefully the stamps are competitive and can play in a home grey cup. What a dream that would be to see here.

Why do you think Young would not want a GC in Hamilton?

If dumpy Mosaic could host a Grey Cup in 2013 there is no reason that McMahon Stadium cannot either. If BC wants it, the 2020 Grey Cup will be in Vancouver.

…because it’s not like it wasn’t held in McMahon in 2009 or anything…

Because it would be a money loser.

The fact that Bob Young doesn't want the 2019 Grey Cup speaks volumes.

If the stadium litigation is done by then maybe, but I have my doubts. Simply put, Hamilton isn't getting a Grey Cup until the city and the Ti-Cats make up and both of them have themselves to blame on that front.

Besides, with Toronto and Ottawa getting them so close to each other, I can see a lot of fans not being keen on Ontario getting another. I think the prudent choice is to have it out West for the next three and then come back to the Hammer. I highly suspect that if Hamilton chased an Ottawa or Toronto Grey Cup it would not end well.

Put the game in Hamilton and you`ll struggle to sell tickets / break even.The litigation excuse is a blessing for Bob Young.

We all know your thoughts Kevin - as unfounded as they are.

It will be more like a nightmare if the Stamps do get to it and the outcome is the same as the last two Cups have been for this team . On the other hand it might turnout like the 2013 Cup in Saskie where regardless of who the opposition was it really didn’t matter , no one was going to beat them on that day .

They are not unfounded.

It’s great that you are willing to pay big bucks for a Hamilton Grey Cup. You’re a better man than me. However, people like you are few and far between.

As I said in another thread…

[i]Remember the Buy a Large Coffee at Tim Hortons and get a ticket to the Hamilton Grey Cup for $2!!! , 20 years back?

I do.

Bob Young struggles to make money with the Ticats. Let`s not pressure him into hosting a money losing Grey Cup.[/i]