confirmation: Ticats are going after Printers

Great news. Our Caretaker should pull out all the stops to get this guy because we currently have no one who is up to the task.

We desperately need a starting quarterback, and this would be just the beginning.

if he was smart he would stay away from hamilton.we cant block at all lol he would need alot of ice packs.also get used to alot of plays called back due to holding lol.hey im just frustrated i would love to see him in black and gold.

The man is a player. Whereever he goes in Canaada, he will re-emerge as the premier QB of the league. I just hope it's with us.

Oski Wee Wee,

The Cats should have went after Printers on November 22, 2004. The day after he got robbed by Buono!

I said this to my friends while in Ottawa for the 92nd Grey Cup. None of us could believe Wally didn't start him in that game. We knew he would not be back in BC the following season...too bad he spent the last 2 season not playing.

I think he will be a great addition. I agree that he will probably need a lot of ice packs. I also think that he may start out like Bishop did in today's they were saying on the can throw a lot of footballs in practice, but nothing is like being in a game situation!

And this from Printers, denying that he's had any CFL teams contacting him or has made any decisions thereof.

The plot thickens...LOL

Who would he throw to?

Sadly it does not matter who QB's the cats. The team is weak. They make the same mistakes over and over. Passes are dropped, coverages missed, balls fumbled and the game plan generally weak.

Taffe does not make good game in decisions. ie. we were down two converted touchdowns and he goes for a two pointer. For what. Gee, if we had kicked a single point convert and scored two more converted touchdowns we had the game anyways.

Another thing, why is it no matter who runs back kickoffs or punts, they can't seem to catch the ball and GO STRAIGHT UP FIELD!

Assuming he gets gets the time to throw. The "O" line looked awful again today. And when Chang did have time he was indecisive and STILL got hit/sacked.

haha, agreed, if we get Printers, we need to get him some protection and a couple guys to throw to as well...

Actually we need a new HC and OC, we have receivers and our line isn't that bad, we were just so damn predictable today. Everytime on firstdown it was a run and they had Timmy in 2nd and 7 all day which is not a good situation for an o-line to be in, especially with a rookie q.b in there.

Yeah, the play calling could certainly use some serious work. But I really have little faith in our recievers and o-line at this point.

I think that whole "We need a new..." statement has got this organization into the mess it's in to begin with. Taffe did great in Montreal because he had the right tools to win. He would be doing better if he had the right tools to win.

A)He doesn't have a QB - Maas seems like he doesn't want to be here
Chang - seems indecisive

B)O Line - Its like swiss cheese..they arent even giving Chang a chance to succeed.

C)Receivers - Not reading the zone, they are like robots out there running the routes by the book where they should anticipate the zone defence and stop in the open field to catch the ball.

Coaching is an issue, but how do we know that Taffe isn't telling the guys this and explaining how to in effect change.

50% Coaching 50% Execution.

They prematurely fired Marshall and now people are calling for Taffes head after only 9 games. Changes should be made..

Maybe the problem in some cases is that the team jumps the gun and fires/releases players far too fast.

Now the QB situation 5-19 Maas that was given enough time..2 1/2 seasons of uninspired / inconsistant ball, his days as a starter here are over.

Receivers - They are filled with potential
Curry, Walker, Ralph, Bauman, Armstead..just need to learn to read the defence and alter your routes (no need to fire)

Coaching - Little variation in play calling, bring in some helps some assistants for the OC, DC, and STC, ones that can help them with thier games. (no one needs to be fired.)

I think the only real changes here that beg to be made are some O-line changes and QB.

Printers maybe a good start..have to wait and see there..

Penalities need to stop bench players who are messing up, fine them, then release them. Its a matter of discipline there that is lacking.

All this stuff can be changed just need to take small steps that will make a positive change..not jump the gun, load up and start shooting people out the door because again you will be filled the same ole mistakes when the new guys get here.

i think i will commit suicide if the argos pick him up

If the blue team picks him up they will be so ridiculously over the cap it will make the CFL look like a joke. I'd love to know where the money for him is coming from now since we can't dump any salaries at this point in the season, unless we trade someone (I shudder at the thought)

BG, I think the blue team dumping Levingstone probably freed up a whole bunch of money

Makes me laugh how you give the recievers a break while the QB sucks ????

Maas throws a deep ball to Ralph and were down by 2 tds . The defence gets us the ball back and Maas is on the move . Throws a nice pass to Ralph at their 30 and we could be going in for another score !!! Wait no , the ball hits him in the hands and he DROPS IT YET AGAIN !!! Maas trying to make something happen on a broken play , fumbles the ball and ITS ALL HIS FAULT ???

He got the ball on his goal line and moves the team out of danger and gets no credit . You would think a reciever would break a tackle or a special teams player would spring Armstead just once so they could get him some field position ... But no , not the guys on this team !!!!

Is Timmy history in Steeltown?

part of Printers quote in the article:

"I'm exploring all offers from both NFL and CFL teams - no teams from Canada have made an offer yet..."

Do you think Printers is being coy and very literal?? He said that no one from the CFL has made him an offer however he didn't say that no one's contacted him

Hopefully NOT.