Confident for tonight

I really believe the Alouettes will win tonight. With Thyron Anderson back the offense will be even better than it has been so far this season. The problem's been the defense and I really think our CB's and DB's will be strong tonight.
Curry, Chapman, Durden and Malveaux are excellent. I believe the only weakness is Karikari and hopefully it won't hurt us too much. My only concern is whether or not our LB's and defensive linemen will be able to contain Joseph but I think after what Burris did to us we will be prepared for Joseph.

I agree with most of what you said, except I strongly believe Karikari is one of our best DBs along with Curry. Malveaux is the inconsistent one. Malveaux will shine on an impossible play, and then he'll get beaten on a basic one.

At least, the very incompetent Cruchtfield is not playing...

Yea I am very happy that Crutchfield isn't playing and I think Curry is our best one. As for Karikari, the only time I could really see him play is when I went to the game 2 weeks ago against Calgary and I didn,t think he was very impressive. I'll be at the game tonight though and I'll see what he does.

lol, wow considering Karikari had the play that ended the game for OTT last night, I'm happy he's playing for us.

Is it just me or last season we had Tony Miles and we were undefeated, now BC has him and they are undefeated...

Just an observation...

Karikari did have the play that ended the game but he is also the one who missed a tackle on the play that brought Ottawa back in the game (at the end of the first half).

The thing with Karikari is that he still struggles with weak tackling. He's got great range at safety because of his speed and clearly has the ball sense needed for the position, evidenced by his 5 INTs (second only to Ottawa's Korey Banks in the CFL). But every once in a while, he'll make one of those horrid, sloppy running tackles that my 73-year-old dad could probably shake off. That's what happened on the Armstead touchdown. Curry missed a tackle, then Karikari missed, then Armstead was in the end zone. That's inexcusable considering that Jason Armstead isn't a big man by any means.

Strickland commented on the poor tackle after the game. He said, and I agree completely, that a safety HAS to be able to make the tackle because if he doesn't, there's usually no one to back him up. He's the last line of defence in the secondary. If Karikari can improve in this area, he'll be a great DB instead of merely a good one.

I also agree that it's a very good thing Crutchfield isn't playing. WHY Matthews started this guy over Almondo Curry to start the season is beyond me. What an overrated piece of garbage.

And spudter, what in god's name are you talking about? Tony Miles is a Toronto receiver who last played in Hamilton two or three years ago. Are you talking about Barron Miles? If so, I still don't understand what you're saying because the Als were not undefeated last season by any stretch of the imagination. Miles is a great DB but he's slowed down, and we needed a Canadian safety to make up for Sanchez's loss at corner. So I don't think all our troubles this year would have disappeared if Miles had still been with us.

its amazing. you beat the powerhouse of ottawa :?

We dominated a team ahead of us in the standings, in a game that the Renegades coach said was the most important game in the Renegades history. We got revenge from a previous loss and we shut up the Renegade fans who have been loudly telling the world how great they are and how much the Als suck.
So all in all a very nice weekend!

This coming from a fan of a team that has finished out of the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. In a nine-team league. Where six teams make the postseason.



that was then. this is now. i guarantee that calgary will make tge playoffs this year. quote it all you want.

I wasn’t saying Calgary won’t make the playoffs this year. In fact, things look pretty good for them. I was saying that given your team’s poor record for the past few years, it takes some nerve for you to come into an Als forum and deride us for being happy our team won a game against a deceptively strong Ottawa team. Sure, Ottawa isn’t Edmonton, B.C. or Toronto, but neither are your precious Stamps, who have yet to win against any of the above mentioned teams – WHILE THE ALOUETTES HAVE BEATEN BOTH EDMONTON AND TORONTO. So how about you stick to cheering for your team and let us Als fans enjoy our team’s victories, 'kay?


havent played edmonton yet. beeotch.

Wow he guy has got guts

His team is 4-6 ours is 5-5 and he is knocking us

I think there should have been an I.Q. test before people were allowed to join

Now you have. Any more point you’d like to make ?

Hmmm, the silence is deafening