What a come back...I for one thought they were done in the 3rd quarter,they were taking stupid penalties and getting choppy.That is usually a sign of frustation and when that happens its usually game over.I think ncoming from behind from 18 points and winning is going to boost the ticats cofidence enormossly.I think at the end of the season when we look back and say what was that one game that separated the ticats from the rest of the teams it will be this game...I also believe if we can learn to play ball in the 3rd quarter theres no team in this league that can touch us....Way to go ti-cats cant wait for the next game.......

Totally agreed. Keep that up, and it's the Grey Cup in the not too distant future. Only things that might need some work are the D line (still not satisifed with the pressure) and the secondary. Other than that, looking darn good !!

In the Locker Room

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Niiice tc. :thup: