Confidence is such a huge part of success in sports and it's obvious Jason Maas does not have the confidence of his team. Whether that is fair or not, it would seem to be a fact. Yes, receivers have dropped balls, but is that because they know the margin for error on this team is unbelievably slim and they are pressing? Jason Maas probably puts more pressure on himself than any player I have ever seen and it just isn't working. However anyone wants to spin things, Hamilton has the least productive offense in the league and that has to be laid at the feet of the QB. Everyone raves about his toughness, but it is his inability to find secondary targets, scramble away from pressure, or avoid turnovers that seems to be resonating with his Ti-Cat teammates. Chang may not have any more success if promoted to the top spot, but would gain valuable experience and eventually the confidence I am talking about. Jason Maas is not playing to win, he is playing not to lose and his team is following suit. With that attitude, it should not be a surprise this team is 1 and 7. Maas needs to be the leader, but when a leader is not performing, why would anyone follow them? Obviously they are not. Make a change PLEASE!!

CAGER YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT !Jason Maas plays not to make mistakes,his recievers run patterns knowing he will probably underthrow the ball and they will have to make adjustments,so they run with no confidence and they know that the recievers continually get blamed and get cut because of Maas poor play.You are only as strong as the weakest link on your team and Jason " excuse Maas ' is our weakest link !!!!!!!!!