Confidence or accountability?

At what point does the coach's effort at trying to build confidence keep players from being held accountable for their performance? It seems like MB is trying to foster confidence by not getting on players for mistakes, but I have to go back to the old Ralph Sazio comment that if players are not producing then changes have to be made. Beveridge is a poor safety and it was never more apparent than being out of position on the 2-point convert. Bauman can't gain separation against man-defense or find open space in zones, he needs to watch some game film or start asking the vets for some advice.

Those are just two that leap to mind. And how about giving Terry Cauley a shot at special teams. He and Cobb could give the return game a boost, although I think McDaniels hasn't been bad.

Agree with all of this, I've defended him but I'd definately take Mcdaniel out after tonight, entire plays don't take as long as he did just hopping around waiting for something.

Mcdaniel is doing fine for average yard gain on kick returns but he can't seem to break one for a long return.

You totally changed my view there buddy :roll:. "he's fine" :?