Confessions: Was it the fans' fault?

We are all scratching our heads about what the players did differently, what the coaches did differently. But what if it wasn’t them at all? What if we lost the Grey Cup because of something the fans did differently?

Some of us have superstitions or customs we follow on game day. I think we need to allow for the possibility that some of us broke with tradition on November 24. Perhaps many of us. And in so doing that we inadvertently jinxed our team.

I’ll start. Unfortunately I have two things to confess:

  1. I predicted a victory in the Predictions thread. I never make a prediction. You can look it up.

  2. I threw a few black & gold items in my car that I thought might look good to wave around if I happened to swing by King St or Barton St or wherever after the game, when everyone was out celebrating. What the heck was I thinking? Who even does that?

I am truly sorry if my actions hurt our team.

Yes, I plead guilty too.
I have to babysit the grandchildren this week, and I was very concerned that I might miss the Grey Cup Parade. I started to work on a backup plan…

Many times this year I would bet money against the Cats, hedging my emotions so to speak.

I figure at worst it costs me money to see a win, or I win money if they lose.

I put alot of money on them to win.

Never once thought we’d lose.

I 10000% don’t believe in this stuff, but for the purpose of the thread I’ll take the hit.

I had a new bottle of bubbly chilling in the fridge

I started acting cocky about the Cats and their record. Even went as far as saying “We aint no Calgary Stampeders - losing to an inferior opponent”.

Nothing good EVER has come out of me becoming cocky. Usually get humbled very quickly. Boy, did I get humbled! :’( :’( :’( >:(…all out of tears.

And I painted a gold stripe down the back of my black Jockey shorts… oh wait, that was an accident!

Many professional athletes follow this script also. Always take the same route to the stadium, eat the same gameday meal or put on their equipment in a very specific order. Maybe there is something to these superstitions?

Then again, maybe it’s just because we’re from Hamilton. ;D

I was growing a playoff beard but Sunday morning, I could not sleep and at 3:00 am decided ineeded to sha e it. In the process I woke the wife up because I could not find my shaving cream. I gave up looking for it,she jumped out of bed, started looking for it (the shaving cream). Ended up finding it in the kids bathroom. So I shaved. No doubt, it is my fault. I am so sorry ticat nation.

I started growing a beard (for the first time in my life) at the beginning of the season. Jokingly told people it was a playoff beard. I ended up shaving it off last week for an interview…I knew this would happen. My bad…

I don’t subscribe to the theory that anything we do impacts a game result.

I told my boss last week, I might need part of Tuesday or Wednesday off to attend the parade.
Sorry everyone.

Mea Culpa. My sin was the worst because I DID IT RIGHT IN THE STADIUM!!!

I (gently) trash-talked Bomber fans. ME! Mark. Trash talk.

I’m afraid the game was over just before it began my friends… just before it began.

I feel so ashamed. :-[

So THAT’S why they lost the coin toss. ;D

It might be my fault.

I started attending Grey Cup games in 2013. We lost to the Riders that year. I continued on in Vancouver 2014. Lost to Calgary that year. I have attended every Grey Cup game since then including the one this past Sunday where we lost to Winnipeg.

In 1999 I was in South East Asia. 1986, I watched the game at a friends home in Hamilton. Maybe I should stop going to Grey Cup games.

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Do you really want to take the chance, and potentially jeopardize the team’s chances over something as easy to control as wearing one’s lucky underwear or enjoying one’s traditional game-day breakfast?

That is not good, however I believe I outdid you. I went on the main site and trash talked (mostly “limp Willie” Jefferson) to some bummer fans. I never trash talk on any site. Again, I like many, thought there was no way that we would lose.

On a positive note, for the future, I replied to Big Teddy’s apology to Hamilton on Twitter saying he has absolutely nothing to apologise for. This was his 1998 and 1999 (2020 that is) will be much better.

Hold your head up Tigertown.


Can I buy you a one way ticket to Hanoi next November. ( ;D ;D ;D )

Well, if you really want to be certain, how about a one-way ticket on the Mars One?;D

Personally, I’m blaming the Blue Bombers. Showed up ready, willing, and able. Congratulations to them, and see you next year, maybe even the season opener?

Ok, so how about this for dooming the team?
After being a STH for 46 years, and being a ‘Guest’ lurking about the website for ages, I decide to get all optimistic and chatty and join the Ticat Forum.