Conference Semis/Finals Attendance

Looking at the online seating it appears that it will be packed in EDM.

In Montreal it still shows tons of open seats. I suspect that is not accurate with season ticket holders seats not being caught up with the system. Considering that they had about 23K the last two home games a good shot this will be sold out IMHO.

Hamilton in the east may already be sold out.

With either EDM or SASK heading to Calgary that game as well should be very packed.

As soon as the two teams are identified that the Grey Cup will fill out the remaining seats quickly. More and More people make the annual trek to the Grey Cup for the festivities. Again when the teams are identified likely if your team is in it you will get tickets to the game.

Packed in Edmonton did you see all the seats that are not for sale I say they will be lucky at 30,000

Montreal has only sold around 7000 :roll:

My understanding is that they are not opening uppers until the endzones are sold out. The Riders did this and it hurt their sales. It is a bad strategy IMO

The Cats were apparently down to about 400 singles this afternoon already.

Nit pick:
The CFL does not have conferences.

That is what I thought

Wow. Its a riders eskimos game in the playoffs it should be soldout.

Montreal cant pony up NHL prices for an Als playoff game either? Weak

When is the last time the Eskimos sold out a playoff game period? I don't think it "should" be sold out.

No city would pony up NHL prices for a CFL playoff game. Try Charging $350 a ticket to an Argo or Hamilton playoff game and see how many people show up.

Rider Pride is running out of steam. I think its a normal thing that it cools off, they've spent a lot of capital and energy last couple years and have a stadium coming and with KJ as their QB they likely know what is ahead. Montreal: Not many people will pay 150.00 a piece to see the privilege of seeing Higgins pull bonehead moves and Crompton throwing hail Mary passes.

I is also a 500+ km and almost 800 km drive in the winter from the 2 largest centers to get to the game. At least when it is in Calgary there is a chance you can get a warm flash, which is appealing. I know we are going, but talking to a friend...he wanted 4 seats together and unless they open upper decks they won't be going

Oh I see I mis read the seating map. Did not realize those sections are closed.

Thats a bit surprising. especially since the last two games were at about 23K.
Is there a reason why the season ticket holders have not secured their playoff seats?

If I remember right the end of the season games in EDM do not sell very well regardless of record or playoffs. It seems the colder it gets the less fans that go to the game with the nice comfy option of home or a sports bar.
A Rider Esks playoff game should draw huge ratings. Moving forward that will mean more corporate sponsor $$$.
The shifted Balance of more and More Corporate sponsor $$$ could mean that smaller attendances are doable.

Anyway the new stadium in Hamilton is already paying huge dividends as they will easily sell out all regular seating as well as a tad more pricey premium seating. That is huge for the Cats and CFL in Southern Ontario going forward.

It's a clear sign their fans have lost faith and don't think they can win :roll:

ya I may have thought the same thing if not for the last few home games drawing the best they really have had since the reno's moved to the patio section and the capacity is about 24K.
For Montreal this is an extremely winniable game. After all of the probelms the Als have had over the years with the looong trip to the West coast, even when they were at their best that they would be chomping to return that favor.
I mean these are the season ticket holders it appears.
I mean they banged out 20K for the pre season game as well as about that avg through all their early struggles.
After they banged out that win vs Calgary in week 13. Followed by a road win in Ottawa.
After the week 15 bye the Thanksgiving game, be it was the Riders they hit 23K. Then the winning streak was in full swing and the offence became a big play offence highlighting Carter, Green, London, and Sutton in the run game. James Rogers also hit the lineup with some exciting returns and on offence working the end around.

What is the weather forecast? Is that a factor? with fans waiting to see.
Its the first playoff game in over a decade at Percival. Is that a factor not having the game indoors at Olympic where weather wouldn't be a factor?

Source? Where is it that it’s been said that they’ve only sold around 7K in tickets? I sincerely doubt that number.

Looks like about 8000 now :roll:

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suffering from Schadenfreude must be a difficult condition to live with tc23.
hopefully there are treatments on the horizon that may help alleviate the symptoms.

out of curiosity, did you also take glee when the TiCats went bankrupt and averaged 13-14,000 fans per game all the while playing in the oldest and most decrepit stadium in the league?

every team goes through periodic rough spots tc23, and when the TiCats turn arises I hope you are able to take it as much as you dish it out. (although I suspect most CFL fans/posters have more class than to constantly kick other teams when they are down)

Looks like over 10k to me. The bottom half is much more full than the top half. At least they have an extra week, sales might pick up once they know who they're playing.

One of the biggest problems the CFL has is putting games on Sundays. People in the East and Vancouver are busy watching the NFL. Why can't they see that and put the games on Saturday instead? I don't think I know one sports bar that will have a CFL playoff game on a Sunday.