Conference Finals Streaming Live?

Does anyone know of any sites streaming today's games live? Thank you!


When the game starts.... I'll keep an eye on it and if it does not go online, I'll find another

This link works!

Unfortunately, that link is Windows only and you have to install some shady plugin.

No you don't

The grey X's will get rid of the ads

Thanks for the link, was worried I wouldn't have access to the finals down here in New Jersey. Worlds better than the ESPN3 feed. Crystal clear, and doesn't have the same repetitive commercials and cutting out during the middle of play from ESPN3. How I love me some north of the border football :smiley:

I see a second link was added that has the Xs to dismiss the ads. The first link doesn’t have them and you have to download the shady plugin to get video, though the audio works.

Great feed btw. Thanks for posting,