Conference Finals Early Predictions!!!

Who do you like?

In the West, being a Rider fan, I gotta take them to win it. I think the Saskatchewan Roughriders will win by 6.

In the East I got the Als to win by 13. I think Robert Edwards will havew a great game.

Just so you all know, I already mentioned this on the riders forum about a week ago, but I had a dream that the Riders, wearing their Black jerseys, beat the Als in the 2006 Grey Cup. Danny Barrett was coaching...

I realize that about 90% of you dont believe it is true, but you gotta have faith!

and then you woke up...


Don't worry Riders fans, I won't all lump you into the same category as this idiot. They shouldn't allow 10 year olds to post crap like this. Personal attacks should result in this kid being banned.

As i already said to RLR in a PM, it wasnt me who put that bad insult there. My 12 year old cousin was beside me while ive been on here. I went to the bathroom, I came back, and he had it on there. I agree its horrible, and I'll take the consequences...