Confederation Park...........PARKING!!

Since we have no stadium at Confederation Park, why not use the large Parking lot for tailgating and have shuttles to and from the stadium during game days? This would be great for out of towners that don't want to drive into the city.
If Go Transit has a stop near it, even better! A short walk to the park and have a Ticat (or whoever) sponsored party to welcome them. Maybe buy tickets as well at a portable kiosk. Im sure this would bring more fans out.
What do you think and what would ideas would you have?

This sounds like a great idea,Game day experience
I like it :thup:

How about no....

How about we stick to the current plans that are already made to rehabilitate most of the park into bayfront parkesque parkland with low level commercial and residential development, that coincidentally just about everyone in Wards 4, 5 and 10 supports and wants to see happen.

Besides, if you are running a shuttle bus service, it makes far more sense to just use existing parking lots of which Limeridge Mall and Eastgate Square has in abundance. You also have the option of renting a kiosk in the mall itself and having a merchandise store there where you can make money on non-game days.

I think you're missing the point bro! The existing lots are fine but first off, are you allowed to open your trunk and tailgate? I think not! Second, it would accommodate people from out of town perfectly. Third, the lots are already there and unused along with most of the park. Have you been down there lately? Your "low level commercial and residential development" claim would be null void. :roll: WOW!!!

Maybe we could have a limo service go the front doors of people who don't want to drive into the city.

How about that isn't the plan, the plan is to turn it into a retail/dining spot. Shuttles make sense to increase traffic at these business that Chad Collins is trying to attract at the expense of the WH and the stadium

As for Jimmy quit being a sarcastic grouch, its a good idea. All it involves is making the Eastgate shuttle a 2 stop shuttle. Take the CFP to Eastgate then to the stadium and reverse order on the way home. I live within walking distance but if I had out of towners in for the weekend I'd go for the tailgate at CFP with a shuttle

At least Confed Park would get some use.

What's the timeframe for the new development there?

It's a 9 minute drive from the QEW along Burlington st, down Gage Ave.

That's some tough and complicated city driving.

Don't dare think of parking at CP!!!

That might interfere with the Master Plan to develop and pave over 30-40% of the existing valuable green space with a go-kart track, climbing area, shops, restaurants, possibly an inn or discovery-type center, additional walking paths, environmental play area (whatever that is!?), etc.

It's sacrosanct land and not to be disturbed by lowly plebes and their Neanderthal, uncivilized sporting events.


Not a bad idea, but it definitely would exclude people like me who come from the downtown/westend areas.

The Master Plan will guide the future development and management of the Park over the next 10 to 20 year period.

[url=] ... aster-plan[/url]

Here's the master plan: (scroll down a bit)

[url=] ... lan-update[/url]

Thats not the point Jimmy. Its looking for parking that would actually generate income for the city and as a bonus would be a great place for a tailgate. Why so grouchy about a great idea thats thinking outside of the box and benefits everyone????????

Another pipe dream as its in direct competition with the WH development plan. There will NEVER be a market for 2 waterfront entertainment districts in the same city. One or the other project is doomed to failure and the competing interests of the 2 seems to be blocking both at the moment

Wow. This Confed Park development will most certainly revitalize the city and cure it of all it's social problems. To think it is just ten to twenty years away.

Why not park and tailgate at the Centre Mall? is it still there?

The Centre on Barton is a big box outlet plaza replacing the mall. No parking is available there that is appropriate to tailgating

I know they do allow out of residence alcohol consumption at Confederation Park ..... but I'm not so sure about the Centre Mall

Pretty sure the consumption of alcohol at Scott Park tailgating is illegal but the Police choose to look the other way, as long as everything remains peaceful and fans are just having fun. So this would apply anywhere, malls, public park would it not? I know you can get special permits for events but I have not heard of this being done for outside the stadium and what the criteria is.

Actually, when they use to have the tailgate in Brian Timmis stadium,with a band, food and beer, I use to go down early just to see who I could bump into. Since they moved it inside the stadium a few years back, don't care for it as much and don't often bother with it. Guess it felt more like "Tailgating" if you were still outside the actual stadium. :slight_smile:

You may be right .....un-licensed alcohol consumption is allowed at most recreational facilities in Hamilton ie:hockey arena dressing rooms, ball diamond parking lots, picnic areas..... etc, etc

It's now the Centre Maul.