Confederation Park back on the table perhaps?

Ok everyone, let's all sign up to RTH and tell them this is a great site for the stadium. Here's my latest post there (I'm HamiltonFan) from the thread at ... _the_table:

[i]Go Confederation Park, best place to showcase the new stadium to so many cars and keep the Cats in Hamilton and have people take their eyes off the ugly steel factories as they drive to the Falls.

Great place for a stadium. Green space there now? hahahahha it's more like golden rod yellow derelict space in that sad looking ex camp ground, a disgrace to the area and the city. Unreal.

I'll vote for the Mayor if he backs this site for the stadium, as long as we can get the Rheem site cleaned up somewhat.

Go Confederation Park Go! Let's change people's image of Hamilton right from the outside in and then draw them in to the great harbourfront and trails in the city and restaurants. Right now all they see is smoke stacks and say yikes, Hamilton is ugly.

At the new stadium at CP, we'll have a big kiosk showing our trails, waterfalls etc. RBG, it will be great!

What's good for the TigerCats is good for Hamilton![/i]

Good post Earl - this is a joke because it should have been explored months ago. Now they will run out of time trying to look at the suitability of the site. No issues with neighbours, great highway access, good visability for naming rights, nice water views - it is such a logical choice. I agree too - lets do great things at the WH but a stadium there is not the answer. Our mayor has sabbotaged these talks and put our backs up against the wall and he is still saying the WH is our back up plan. This is so counterproductive.

Con Fed park would've been my first choice but now with the MIP being the focus site I would hone in on that location like a laser. This has been botched from the get go and nobody to blame but the mayor. I'm sure that the MIP site would be a great location for the stadium....oh yah..those other two brownfield dumps that McHattie brought up..the old Studebaker plant on Victoria and the Lakeport site on Burlington St, forget it...they'll never work. :cowboy:

There was another site that was proposed in the Spec which was Windermere rd. The for sale Lafarge plant. What a view and great access. That would be my first choice now if its cost effective. Looks out at the lake and Confed. park. :rockin:

You guys must be smokin' some really good stuff if you think the City will ever let this facility out of the west end unless their backs are against the wall and there is no other option. There are some really good points for Confederation Park as you mentioned but politics will kill that idea. Also, as you mentioned, there is just not enough time to explore a completely new location.

It is all up to Chad Collins, he is the only one holding back Confederation Park. It is his baby, and due to backroom deals made previously where a councillor will support another on a vote in return for support for a position, Collins got his supporters. The others will not change their position UNLESS Chad Collins changes his position and says Confederation Park is Ok to be put on the table.

So, if the MIP does not work out and this whole mess continues, you can put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Chad Collins along with Foolish Freddie and Braindead Brian McHattie

Here is the funny thing. If you go to the Raise the Hammer site of the Wh lemmings, there are people posting in opposition for Confederation Park saying things like who would go to a stadium in the winter with the wind coming off of the water and why would they build a stadium there when they have things there for people to do? This is funny - is it not cold at the WH? Would it not make more sense to build things for people to do at the WH site. I agree with most of the posts here - too little too late. King Collins has given Fast Freddie his support in favour of taking CP off the list. Too much backroom politicing going on for my liking. The only site that should have been explored after the WH debacle was the EM site - that was the compromise site and everyone was on board but the City. FInd out why they are not on side and take it to the PRovince - they want it to work so they will sweeten the pot. I know this is too logical for our city councillors - what a dysfunctional bunch. You have Fast Freddie, Maria Pearson and King Collins saying WH or Bust. Then you have Merulla and McHattie who won't even engage any scenario - they just want to sit back say no to everything and will criticize after the fact. They will never agree on a site in time I am sad to say.

Boy, you guys have hit the nail right on the head, these two clowns have virtually destroyed any chance of getting a great facility for both the City and the Cats. Two more months, and, hello, goodbye.

Imagine Bratina on CH touting the Confed site. This dork is all over the map. The other night he was on with Heb and the prima Donna on CH and supported Ivor Wynne being renovated. Now before he got in bed with Freddie re: the WH, he was against the WH but then got support to build a major hotel, on the John A MacDonald site. I'm just there a election coming up. Looks like he wants to cover all his bases in case he runs for mayor. :cowboy:

Interesting thread, but nobody is asking the pertinent question: why is Chad Collins so inalterably opposed to CP??? To any objective observer, CP is the only logical choice. It keeps a stadium that will attract 30,000 people out of the city and accessible by major highways. It has superb visibility, lots of room for parking, and attendees can spend the day at the waterfront and head over for the game at their leisure. It allows for large tailgate parties and provides fans a great view of the lake. It will not hopelessly clog city streets, nor will it use up extremely valuable land that was to go to create an innovation park that will provide 3,000 very well paying jobs. It will not go on the site of a toxic dump. It will not be squeezed between a highway and a big box development. So why was it eliminated by one councillor so early in the process? That question cries out for an answer. Moreover, how has it happened in civic politics that one councillor can derail a $130 million major project? That's a deficiency in government that needs to be remedied immediately. When we look back in ten years on this debate, I wonder what we'll think of what happened, and I wonder what we will see standing on that site in CP? I wonder who will own it? I wonder who its minority shareholders will be? I wonder who will be working for the company that built it? Just some random, unconnected thoughts.

Collins is a major player in the Waterfront Trust and other conservation committees.

He's all for an eastern version of Bayfront Park and it's success.

Collins, and other "no CP" advocates refuse to even look at CP because it would be supposedly giving up green space, but... the plans for CP when Collins made his play to remove it had a hotel to be built (I believe since removed from the official plan), restaurants and shops/boutiques, structures that hardly preserve green space (unless you consider commercial space that generates (green) money "green space").

Plans also call for moving the go-kart track (presently west of Hutchs) to an area adjacent to the mini-golf, more loss of green space in CP proper.

The camp grounds at the eastern edge is to be re-purposed for sports fields (?) ie, soccer.

A suggestion to move Wild WaterWorks to WH (to clear space at CP for a stadium) would make sense as it would be much more accessible to many more people. Presently I'd bet a vast majority of WWW visitors GASP... drive and park at CP, with a minority taking transit (bus), yet apparently having to drive to and park at any stadium site is verboten.

So it's basically Collins' personal "waterfront development" agenda at play that has removed CP from the table.

As opposed to the Ticat lemmings here.

Confederation Park will not be considered. In order for it to be considered Chad Collins would have to move that at council and 2/3 of council would have to agree.

If you seen the CH news tonight they interviewed flip flop Bob who started this nonsense. They also interviewed 2 other councillors Powers and Whitehead who wanted nothing to do with studying Confederation Park.

These are the things people say on here that do not make sense .... WH was argued against because of accessibility... the same time it's much more accessible?

how can that be?

I think it's all wishful thinking. I don't think there is a chance in hell the City gives up the confederation park land. They've done everything possible to protect it and councillors and the mayor all said that there is no way it will ever be considered.

Time to call in the Keystone cops. :oops: :oops:

Unless you go down and really look at this old abandoned campsite overgrown with weeds and bushes for yourself you really can't imagine WHY they say NO to developing this parcel of "Greenlands" into a world class sports facility on the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario? Hey council just leave it for future high priced lakefront homes and Urban Sprawl for all the Toronto workers who can then zip down the QEW to their careers in T.O.

No strings attached, excellent visibility and access to Major Transportation links this site is a no brainer.

Ps: We can go down to Hutches for fish and chips or Barangas on the Beach after the games!! :thup: :rockin:

HTC: Right. Looks like Aberdeen-Longwood .......or bye bye stadium. And Aberdeen-Longwood is still a long shot at this point.
Lordy I hope the city councillors don't end up giving the blue team a new stadium at York.

What are they protecting?? an abandoned campground :cowboy: or pocketing backdoor cash when they build future high priced lakefront homes? URBAN SPRAWL!

cats: I have no idea what the true agenda's are here. Nor would I want to suggest what they are. All I see are several councillors who now seem committed to getting the Tiger-Cats in a stadium at Aberdeen-Longwood. However it's taken far too long for them to see the light.
The one's who are still dragging their feet obviously don't care about the Tiger-Cats, no matter what their agendas are.
I just cannot figure out why they seem to disregard the Tiger-Cats ( who are still a business which employs and benefits hundreds of people!) to the point where they would be willing to let the team leave. What agenda's are important enough to trump job losses like this?
That should be the question that people in Hamilton (even those who do not care about football) should be asking right now. Surely keeping the Tiger-Cats in ANY site..will create NEW jobs.
Hasn't the City lost enough jobs already?

Good Lord! Just pick a frickin site and get it done. My 9 year old would be better at this than the clowns involved now. She is a much better planner. I should have her run for office. If after all this they end up giving the team the site they wanted in the first place I am going to be pretty ticked off. I love the great use of my tax dollars.