Condolences To Jim Popp

Condolences to Jim Popp on the sudden loss of his dad Joe, not long after having lost his mother. Joe was an ex-NFL assistant coach and was a hero to Jim. He was also Jim`s connection to Marc Trestman, both having worked on the Browns staff.

Mes sympathies à Jim Popp et toute sa famille.

Que la sérénité puisse leur revenir le plus tôt possible, et que les bons souvenirs leur garde à jamais vivante l'affection qu'ils avaient pour celui qui les quitte.

Condolences to Mr. Popp and his family on this loss.

My deepest sympathies, Jim. Having lost both of my parents I definitely know how it feels to lose your beloved parents. May they rest in peace!

Very sad news. Condolences to the Popp family.

RIP Joe.

That's tough... My sympathies to Jim and the Popp family.

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Another nice gesture by Mr. Wetenhall:

And the man has a private jet, why should we be concerned about replacing Hunt and Hebert with cheaper players? :smiley:

Has nothing to do with Mr. Wetenhall fortune/ses avoirs. As all other Teams,the Als have to function/stay within a Salary Cap System. If a player earning $100,000 is not better than one 7 years younger that makes roughly $50,000 less,the decision is easy/obvious.


Richard in theory I agree with you 100%. But you better be sure that the younger/cheaper player is just as good.

Shouldn’t be too hard, really. The younger/cheaper player just needs to get more than 4 tackles, or even just a single sack, in the next four games to beat Hunt’s production. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jenkins has already proven he’s better.

For me the question is not so much about "better". The issue becomes one of veteran/rookie-green player mix. We have ONE starter of experience on our Dline in Bowman. Bekasizak has some experience but never started a full season and a bunch of rookies. That is a very high risk and a situation that has not been traditonally successful in the CFL.

We have a Defensive coordinator who's proven nothing and he and Sinclair have discarded Boulay,Wilson,Stewart,Hunt,Restelli,Mackelveen,Spencer,Akra and to a certain extent Estelle for a bunch of guys who have never played in the CFL and were chosen during a training camp where there was no or next to no contact so he based himself on "athhletism" something according to Coach T that is fourth on his list of must have's for a player??? and so far they are getting shallacked every game. This reminds me a lot of what Mike Kelly did in Winnipeg with the offense and we all know how it worked out for him and the Bombers. Reinebold came in and put the sledge to the roster and its on him to make that defense better. Not that it was good last season but there were big issues with injuries to our secondary. Reinebold has one of the most talented secondary in the league and they are all healthy minus one finger.

We need to be patient but in the end Reinebold needs to come through over the course of the season or our season will go down the tube along with his career. Him and Sinclair MUST deliver.

What bunch of guys who never played in the CFL?

On the defensive line, we've got Bowman, Bekasiak, Mullinder, and Chima as CFL-ready players. Lockley and Jenkins are new to the league but they've also been quite good. The linebackers are veterans: Cox, Davis, Emry, Brouillette -- Ingram's the only new guy. The secondary is all CFL-ready: Brown, Parker, Anderson, Hebert, Williams.

What is this argument that we have too many guys who have never played in the CFL? We only have three by my count and all three have actually been pleasant surprises.

Murrell,Jenkins,Cash,Lockley,Adebayo,Ihekwoaba,Pall possibly Montgomery not sure if he's hidden or gone. That's seven by my count. They may very well become a very good unit but we don't know, that's all I'm saying. We shall see over the next four months.

I'll leave Mullinder out of the discussion...

Oh, come on. Chima is entering his third season in the CFL. Pall is on the IR. Lockley and Murrell have done fairly well. Adebayo has been on the four-man healthy scratch roster. Cash hasn’t even played yet. And you can’t leave Mullinder out of the discussion – he’s actually been pretty good at end and he’s definitely a veteran. I don’t think your argument holds, TBH. Defensive line is the position on D that requires the least familiarity with the Canadian game. Just go out and be a beast, rush the passer and create chaos.

I don’t think newness to the CFL is any kind of excuse here. The responsibility lies with Reinebold to use his personnel properly, and with Popp to recruit better linemen. Jim has been slacking in this area for a few years, let’s be honest.

Well we will see. I am not going to judge Jim. The only thing I’ve noticed is that most of the prospects we’ve been bringing inn come from North Carolina. I know it is a hotbed but its a little odd to me that more than 70 percent of prospects come from Jim’s home town. What are we doing in Texas, Florida, Mississipi, California ???

Popp is going through a very difficult time right now. Far be it for me to jump on him at this point in time. I've said what I needed to say, at any rate.

4 games played and yes lucky to be at 2 and 2 BUT people people chill!! yes things need addressing and everybody knows that and surprising so do the coaches!!