Condell Still Living In Ancaster????

So Drew Edwards has stated:

If Steinauer gets the head job in Toronto, his first call may be to his former colleague with the Ticats, Tommy Condell, who resigned as offensive coordinator on the eve of the 2016 season. Condell and his family are still living in Ancaster and word is that he would open to a return to the CFL.

Here we thought he was returning to his home in the U.S. when the announcement was made. If he is "open to a return to the CFL" then why not with Hamilton? Is there a rift with Austin? Something doesn't seem right with this situation.

Agreed, We were led to believe it was family "family issues"??????
Could it be Orlondo getting the Asst HC promotion ahead of him?
Quitting 6 weeks before training camp really screwed us over!!!

Ticats missed Condell this season, Austin's playcalling was predictable at times and IMO you need the threat of a run game, but Austin doesn't seem to have much use for it.

I too wonder if something happened between Austin and Condell, I remember reading that the lack of Coaches pension could have been a reason for him leaving, but if he stuck around in Ancaster, maybe he likes it here ? If Condell does want to continue coaching in the CFL, I'd bet that a couple of teams would love to speak with him.

Curious situation to say the least.


After years of being loyal to Austin, Condell would expect to be first in line for promotion to HC and rightly so. Instead, Austin snubs Condell and names Steinauer for the second in line HC position to Austin. The rest is history.

My comment doesn't mean the above is not possibly true but I believe the Condell news was out about 6 weeks before the Steinauer promotion was announced.

You are correct, Steinauer was promoted May 27th, Condell's resignation was on April 11th.

If Coach Milanovich hasn’t been fired, than how we can assume the Argos will be looking for a new head coach for next season?

Two thoughts here.

First, if Condell was upset with Austin or if there was a "rift" as some imply, then why was Condell's sudden resignation such a surprise to Austin? Austin seemed to be caught completely off guard by his departure and if there really was a disagreement, wouldn't Condell have resigned sooner rather than waiting until training camp was practically upon the team?

Secondly, does it not make sense that Steinauer's promotion to Assistant HC was the result of Condell's departure NOT the cause. Austin chose to bring in Stef Ptaszak as the new OC who, although a good football mind, needed to adjust to both the pro level and Austin's offensive system (not too many quality, experienced candidates available that late in the off season). That left Austin with more responsibility for the offense including play calling, and to help him deal with that, he decided to give Steinauer some of the HC duties.

But the decision to promote Steinauer may have occurred much earlier but was not announced until May 27th.

Agree with your "CALL" Seymour...... :thup:

Condell's play calling was also very predictable...we sat in Ottawa one game and pre-called about 80 percent of his plays before hand. The problem with many OC's is the up the middle dive which is crap...everyone on & off the field knows what is going to happen...see on Sunday 3rd & one in the 1st quarter...Someone needs to tell the offense that our field is 65 yards wide & a decent QB can sneak around an end pretty well anytime for 3 or 4 yards with imagination...Masoli's TD for example.

I don't miss Condell.

However...this is Austin's offence, not Condell's. It's a pass happy and predictable.

It's the same offence that Austin ran in Toronto as OC in 2006, with Rickey Williams as his RB that got his quarterback killed.

Until they allow the new OC to create (or use) his own offence and call the plays...we're in for much of the same, no matter who the OC is.

Out of curiosity, why did you pick 2006 instead of, say, 2004 or 2007?

Yes that's all true. But Condell and Collaros had a very good rapport and connection. The 2015 offense was like a machine. Collaros looked unstoppable with Condell talking in his earpiece. However this year he was not the same and I don't think it was just from injuries.

The Cats should lure Condell back in order to get this offense back to where it was the previous couple of years.

I agree with the above. The adjustments down the stretch in 2015 were impressive. I think Condell could have made the difference in the last few games.

It is very strange to know he's still in the area. Whatever happened, there appears to be more to the story than first told.

How can we say Condell was more of a factor than losing:

Collaros for the 1st 6 games
Owens, Tasker and Fantuz down the stretch.

if we had all of them healthy we would have won the east.

Because he had had Rickey Williams. Yes, THE Rickey Williams.

Pass happy offence, with Rickey Williams?

Grey Cup Saturday on TSN, reporters Gary Lawless, Dave Naylor and Farhan Lalji were discussing other happenings around the league and the most likely candidates to fill head coaching spots, which may become open. Their comments on Orlondo Steinauer included that they don't expect him to be in Hamilton next season, even if he doesn't get one of those jobs. They also believe that, if he does, his first call will be to Condell and that Condell would also be high on the list of any other possible new CFL head coach, looking for an offensive coordinator.