Condell: Good, bad or ????

There have been a lot of posts re Condell in other threads so I thought perhaps he should have one of his own.

How much patience will Orlondo have with Condell’s play calling? I know we keep winning but that’s mostly because of our defense & special teams.

In Masoli’s last full game he (Masoli) marched us down the field for the game winning TD. As I watched I wondered if Masoli was calling his own game because the plays were so much different than what had gone before. Why can’t Condell see this or is it more a matter of ego not wanting to admit that his play calling is not very good.

We are 7 and 2 and leading the League in points scored

So far so good :wink:

What’s the problem? They’re winning for goodness sake.

Fans really need to stop with this kind of thinking. Not all wins are pretty, and a W is a W. Stop taking winning for granted. May I remind people that the team is 7-2.

So again I will ask… what’s the problem?

7-2 seems so…I dunno, boring…

If only we could turn back the clock to this time last year when we were all thrilled to be 4-5 with a wonderful world of 4 more wins still ahead of us.

Thanks for the reality check, Dork . :slight_smile: As usual, you cut right to the chase .

Pat Lynch (the elderly dude)

Well since we’re turning back the clock hows about going back 2 years to when after losing our first 8 games of the season we were all giddy and happy to finally win a game to be sitting at a stellar 1-8 mark thru the first half of the season .

I think it comes down to entertainment value for the fans with a low football IQ. They really don’t understand the game, and rely of high scoring and exciting O to think the team is doing well.

You only have to score at least 1 point more than the other team, and everything else is irrelevant as long as that happens.

While his calls can be annoying at times we had 300 yds passing and 125 rushing yesterday

Wow. Pretty harsh responses to what I thought was a good idea for a thread.

I may not be up on the forum rules, but I thought we were still allowed to discuss the team even if it has a winning record.

When we win the Grey Cup and someone complains that we threw too many out passes during the game, I will join in the mocking.

When an offence that needs to kill the clock cannot muster a single first down in the last 9 minutes of a game, someone with a higher football IQ needs to explain to me why there is no room for improvement or even discussion.

With Evans being thrown in there, isn’t it a learning curve for him as well as Dane?
They have to try as many options as they can during a game, not just at practice to see which achieves the most yards. As Obi-wan would say " Patience, use the force, think.

Just half the season in with a new HC and new OCs system with 3.5 games playing a backup QB and we are 7-2.

To start bleating about Condell and reminiscing about the Jones sub .500 days seems kinda petty and strange.


I’m elated with our record however we could be so much better. I get them wanting to be “Multiple” but when your not using your best players to their strengths you leave points on the field, that’s the issue.

Jones and the 2018 season have come up twice in this thread - and so far only one person is talking about them.

In this thread yes.

Just because we’re winning, doesn’t mean we can’t be critical. We would have lost against a better team yesterday. Our defence and special teams is playing great, but our offence is not. Dane Evans is playing well, but our play calling is baffling at times. Why do we need to have Addison running the ball when we have a decent running back in Cam Marshall? He was running great and then is pulled for Coombs.
We could have controlled the game if we had stuck with him. Good thing we went back to him in the 4th quarter. I just hope Condell realizes this and uses him more in the future, especially in the red zone, where we squandered points at an alarming rate. We have to do better against the better teams.

I think Dane addressed this indirectly at the end of the game when we were deep in our own end and had a two and out. He came off the field saying

“We have to learn how to close out games. That’s on us”

We can’t criticize play calling too much if the Offense isn’t executing.

There was also a screen pass to Speedy that went right through his hands. He would have been gone.

Dane needs more experience in his reads, particularly seeing if there are receivers that are more open than others. The first INT last night is a great example, as the commentators pointed out.

That said, I would like to see more over the middle than we’ve seen lately.

Don’t hide behind the 7-2 record. Clearly this is better than losing, but yesterday’s lack lustre performance, had Ottawa had any offence at all, would be a loss. A week before, our lackluster offence had us pegged for a loss save for some last minute heroics. Sure, it is better to win, but we could easily be 5-4 due to the past week, and blame would primarily fall on Condell’s play calling.

Let’s hope that his offence evolves, or we will be close but no cigar.

Oh, and by the way, being commenting on a team’s performance is required, whether positive or negative. Once you lose the passion that propels one to comment, you have lost a fan base as it no longer cares.

Some posts may be downright silly and infantile, but the experienced fans see that and filter it out. Don’t dump on the serious fans who actually know their stuff.

Condell runs a high percentage offense, but it’s not as boring as some. Yes there are a lot off passes to the flats and high percentage short passes. There is also a lot of motion from the slots lining up in the 3 back formation. I would have loved to see what Condell and Jones could have done. I imagine Condell came here in part for the chance to work with Jones and then replace him. I think Dane Evans will do much better with Condell’s offence than he would have with Jones. In the end you can go a long way with a good defense, special teams and a low risk offense.

Second and goal, three yard line. Send in the short yardage team and then run the QB around the weak side. Lose three yards and kick a FG. Did anyone think Ottawa would be fooled?

Good or bad?