With the second major concussion in as many years, here's hoping Lindsey Lamar has a full recovery. I have a suggestion for the CFL: ANY PLAYER that delivers a serious (ie: injury/concussion) helmet-to-helmet hit, be subject to an immediate disqualification, suspension for the entire time the injured player is off (to be determined by a neutral physician) or the remainder of the season (whatever is least), forfeiture his salary to a children's brain-injury center for that time, and a league fine.

If a penalty is not called on the play, a League review WILL be used. That way the Command Center can ensure the penalty.

The head coach should be assessed a fine double that of the player, and the team is to pay a minimum $10,000 for brain-injury research or rehab.

Maybe this will be enough deterrent for these kinds of hits.

We need to go back to suspension helmets! Ever since Bike invented the air pump helmet in the late 70's, players have been over-protected; and able to use their heads as battering rams. And like a good ol' 'Glasgow Handshake' (head-butt), the offender usually fairs much better than the defender.

Riddell, Schutt, and now Zenith have only exacerbated the problem; trying to protect the wearer with water, gel, titanium, space-age carbons and plastics, etc.

Players are too able to 'comfortably' give head shots. But receiving one hurts just as bad (or worse) as it always did.

These companies spend Million on Concussions Research and protection

Riddell has made a new Helmet Called Speed Flex

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Bad move by the owners to not have an independent neurologist on the sidelines for games. The players should've stuck to their guns on this one during the CBA negotiations. I think there are still many occasions when a player who takes a hard hit to the head, goes back in to play.

An Argo-Cat fan

Are you sure you don't have a vested interest in this company Tom? lol

Two Cat players now have been sidelined now because of Hit's to the head in Lamar and Fantuz and it's not even the start of the season yet. Lets clean up this crap, I have complained before about the hits on the head and the bad ref calls in the CFL and it's only going to get worse before it gets any better.

It's amazing the ref's will call a Cat player for a chop block but a direct hit to the head by an opposing player receives a No call, something is definitely wrong!

Concussions are a tremendous problem but making it about they will call "my team" (regardless of which team that is) for lesser fouls but not the opponent for serious fouls takes away from a serious discussion. EVERY team at some point has a player make a dangerous hit. The CFL needs to deal with such actions not only in-game but as a league as well. All player associations in all pro sports need to get involved in more than a "representing the penalized player" perspective, they need to represent the victims and protect the health of their members.

8) If Lindsey Lamar is smart, he will retire from professional football now !!
   Two major concussions within 12 months doesn't bode well for his future in this hard hitting sport !!!

    If he gets out now, he will at least have a chance to have no more concussions, and a chance to have a healthy, rest
     of his life,  hopefully !!!

sadly, I'm beginning to wonder if Andy Fantuz should consider hanging up the pads as he has suffered a few concussions during his football career as well.

Pierce stayed in the game far too long and a likely candidate for CTE, and yet some players such as Burris, have somehow managed to escape serious head injury throughout 16 years as a pro.