Concussion - sideline protocol is merely theatre

I watched the hit that Manziel took, and he clearly had a head injury (dropping the ball as he went limp for a moment).

I was surprised to learn in another thread that concussion symptoms do not appear immediately and so a negative test on the sideline is basically useless and a kind of ‘theatre’ ie. Let’s show the fans we care about the issue by going through this process.

If the league were truly serious would they not have someone in ‘command central’ watch the game and make the call to keel a player out when they take a hit to the head?

I understand Manziel is now out for another week - so it was a serious hit.

Everyone and his dog knew that Jonny was out on that play. There is no way to defend putting him back in the game.

Hey, it’s a crapshoot even in the “majors”. I’m not defending anything but this is not some “cut and dried” sort of thing so it would seem:

Crosby’s head-first slide didn’t merit removal from Game 6

Crosby slid into the boards exactly one week after he was [url=]knocked out of Game 3[/url] by a blow to the head from the Capitals' Matt Niskanen. He missed Game 4 with a concussion and returned for Game 5 on Saturday. On Tuesday after practice, Crosby said he was checked by a doctor Monday night during the first intermission, but did not go into concussion protocol. "Any guy that goes into the boards like that, the first thing is the trainer and the doctors, that's how it goes," Crosby said. "What you're talking about is the difference between checking with a doctor and entering concussion protocol, they're two separate things."...