Concessions, weather and CHML

Concessions were awesome....a 100% turnaround for the good!

Weather was excellent as usual!

CHML Sunday Tiger-Cat Show is on an hour early today....11:05 am

Listen Live at

(Thanks to all who welcomed my Dad who is up from Nova Scotia for a visit and enjoyed himself thoroughly!.....ok, we lost but he had a great time in spite of that and was very impressed with the overall game day experience)

a 10 minute wait for hotdogs is not good...we skipped the hotdogs after they told us to wait 10 mins.

Long lineup in the middle of the second quarter at the actual concession booth, and the sausage from the BBQ i got was soggy, burnt and tasted awful.

Sorry, not too much improvement there.

My concession experience was very good.(half hr. before game SE side....)

At the same stand that last week had none ,this week I got a good hotdog ,it tasted good , and the condiments were on ice !!They had chopped onions ,peppers etc as well as the normal ones.

I'm happy! :thup: :thup:

Sunshine ,PA a bit loud to-day .....9 out of 10 .....very good

Much better beer service this week, better selection under Sec 22 (5 choices). My wife found a concession in the 4th quarter that still had a pretzel, and it was warm still. A significant improvement from week 1, way to go! Now what about the play of the team?

maybe an improvement over the preseason, but still bad....

its like jackin up gas prices to $2 a litre, so u think your getting a deal when it drops to $1.50...which is still bad.

FYI, in the SouthWest endzone they had "tallboys" (20 oz) for $6.75 - same price as last year. If you want a 20 oz draft you pay $8.00 I guess the price went up due to draft being a premium, but at least we have the option to pay less for beer from a can! Great job!!!!!

Thats helpfull news on a "deal"....