Concessions for Preseason

To all the fans that were in attendance tonight...

The Tiger-Cats would like to thank you for your patience with the concessions tonight. I know that there were many problems and we have to work with our concessionaire to make things much better before the next game.

We have a meeting on Monday afternoon with all the parties and I would like some feedback on what you experienced tonight.

Rather than put this out there for everyone to see and have it become a war of words, I would prefer that you email me directly at and share your views. (or PM me) Also, if there was something that happened that was good (like the very friendly people at the Sub Shack) let me know too.

Thanks again,

Mark Bowden
Vice President Corporate Partnerships
Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Why would we email you directly, your organization did not listen to any of our comments for the past 2 seasons? Bob Young made promises when he took over the organization, some of the goals he has achieved, some he has not. A great deal of emphasis/promises were placed on "better concessions", everyone can agree that the concessions have gotten worse. How many chances are you going to give Compass?

Agreed. This service has stunk and still stinks.

You've known this for a lot longer than tonight's game. Go back through this site and review ALL OF THE OLD THREADS about the service since Bob took over. If they don't hit you over the head like a 2x4, then no amount of complaianing tonight is gonna change it.

Thanks for getting "subs" into the stadium!......Perhaps they deserve a higher profile location?....I didn't even see their booth till the end of the game...Tell them they need better signage too as it has to attract the eye.....but yeah, glad to have a Sub Shack in there....I'll be a regular customer for sure! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, maybe we can have some of the great hotdog/sausage carts that are at the Canadian Tire locations.....they serve incredibly good products....I realize there are contracts with Compass but if they can't deliver properly, something has to be done to accomodate the expected sell-outs around the corner....

Poor...Poor...Poor. I don't care if it's pre season. How can you run out of coffee and hotdogs prior to halftime? This was on the North side under section 6. :?

I'm sorry but I do believe we have been PATIENT for two going on three seasons now. This company obvious has no clue, it actually seems worse then last season. What else was he suppose to say??? Nothing but promises, apologizes and price increases for below par Product and services. Plus I don't think I've ever seen the stadium look so DIRTY!!!( Concession areas) The southside anyways. I don't care about any more promises for better service...ACTIONS speak louder besides I would believe it any other way!!!

One thing I have noticed is that the beer selection is limited. Why don't you look at getting a couple of different types in. A micro Brew would be great.

After spending $8 for two burnt and stone cold hot dogs, me and my wife stood in disbelief as to the crappy food in IWS. Compass takes the word "disgusting" to a new level.

Another factor to remember is that, under the new "no tolerance for bringing food or drink into the stadium" policy, any food and bottles of water or pop brought to the game by fans last night were confiscated by stadium security at the gates. This also obviously added to the long lineups at the concession stands. The Ticat organization and Compass should have taken this new policy into account when stocking the stadium concessions.

Hey Bob,
Time to pull the pin on this inept "soup kichen"
Not so much a hit on the kids staffing it but the whole picture.
Cut them loose now and lets get this turned around.
I think the Hamilton Faithful would rather go without concessions at all for a game or two in order to fix this three year old toothache.
You're getting the people back, time to get rid of this clown troupe and keep us coming back!
Our onfield product is on schedule and more!

As an afterthought, I wonder if the staff at hometown "Duarte's" would like some after hours work?
Hot food?
Dealing with large crowds?
Give Mom a chance, Bob.

I say lets give Mark the benefit of the doubt for now. I do not normally buy anything from the concessions at the games but I actually did try last night and like a lot of other people just gave up. Mark is a well known individual and so is Caretaker Bob and both of them have stuck their necks out over this issue. Mark wants to know how we feel so do tell him. The entire organization has done a great job in a little over two years and the concessions appear to be the last piece of the puzzle. He has asked us to tell him directly. Let him know. If Mark and Bob do not respond to direct, constructive input then criticize them. But they do appear genuine and willing to help. Test them and see what happens.

...I think the Hamilton Faithful would rather go without concessions at all for a game or two in order to fix this three year old toothache...
The reason Mark (Ticat senior manager Mark Bowden) started this topic is because he was personally so upset with what he saw from our concessions last night. In his words: "Our concessions were sub-standard last season. Despite promises from our partners, they're now so bad I've never seen them worse - and I was here in 2003 when the team was operating in bankruptcy."

We'll fix this, even if it takes something as dramatic such as the suggestion above.

Btw, as much as Mark wants you to email him directly, you are welcome to also post your comments here. Just try and be as specific as possible. Comments such "Concessions were bad" while accurate, are not helpful. Comments such as "the counter under the section 21 didn't open until the second quarter" is more useful. Having said that I suspect we already know most of them. Mark among others spent the last half of the game inventorying all the problems with the concessions.

At least we can't get any worse. - Drat, when I think about it we may have already used that line last year.

Mark and I will provide regular updates between now and our home opener against Montreal on June 24, as to how we will ensure the concessions are both much better than last night, but also better than last season.

Cheers, Bob.

The BBQ under the endzone seats was operated by 3 people when i arrived at half time. Right in the middle of the big scrum under the seats... i was shocked to see only 3 people there at half time, However.. i ordered a hot dog and a sausage and waited less than 5 minutes from the second I stepped in line until I had them in my hands.

Thought i should post the good with the bad.

Under the new policy we're not allowed to bring coffee and tea into the stadium. Yet when I went to the concessions for a coffee, BEFORE HALFTIME, I got told they were sold out.

Great, you can't bring it in, and you can't buy it there. Wonderful organization. :thdn:

I can only talk from personal experience, but I actually have a positive comment to make about a concession. While a little slow last night (which is reasonable for the first game of the season) I have never had a problem with the Pizza Pizza concession.

I wonder if it might be a good idea to look into having other established restaurants brought into IWS concessions. Stadium concessions are like mall food courts, and there are a LOT of experienced companies who can run that kind of a food service well.

Also, a specific request.. please, bring in some healthier options if possible. There are a lot of folks who come to ticats games who don't really want to eat high fat, high calorie foods. I know that isn't easy when you are dealing with convenience foods, but even one or two more options would be great. Also, stock more soft pretzels if possible. They always sell out quick and are one of the lowest fat/calorie items you can buy at IWS. Also, maybe make one or two more diet pops available, like diet 7up (knowing that IWS only carries pepsi products).

You (generalization to people who are getting angry over the Tiger-Cats organization) really have to cut the Cats some slack, obviously the concessions are pitiful, to say the least, however Bob, Mark, and the rest of the Tiger-Cats organization realizes this, they are obviously disappointed by the lack of positive production by a business partner, and are going to step up to the plate, take the blame, and figure something out. Compass seems to be reliable as weathermen, and it will most likely be their last year, or few games, at Ivor Wynne. I didn't venture to concession stands last night, but it seems that Compass is understaffed, overworked, and they just can't handle it. Change is going to come. It's not the Tiger-Cats fault for the concessions, it's Compass.

End of Rant. (By no means am I in the know, you just have to think from the Tiger-Cats organizations point of view.)

Remember everyone, constructive critizism!

There were a few things that I noticed that could use some improvements:

  1. On the north side they ran out of Philly cheese steak at half time.
  2. The BBQ area on the north side didn't even bother replacing the mustard and ketchup bottles after they were empty.
  3. I found the beer cold but it was rather flat.

Positives from the Concessions:

  1. I liked how the prices were tax included.
  2. The addition of the subs were great, adding the location in the program would help others for future games.
  3. The sausage on a bun was very good

Just eat before the game and chew on some'll be fine. Don't waste your money and time on this overpriced crap. It's not good for you and it's never fresh........

Last year we couldn’t buy tea, this year I saw someone with a Tim Hortons cup and a tea bag hanging out. Did start serving tea as well as coffee? Anybody?

That would be one positive (and would make my wife happy).