Concessions at Tim Horton's field

I think you’ve misinterpreted what you read. Note the parts I’ve emphasized below:

From the 20 year lease agreement
  1. Concessions
    The Tiger-Cats have the exclusive right and responsibility to solicit and select one or
    more Concessionaires who shall operate and be responsible for all consumable
    concession operations within the Stadium for all Football Home Games and all Events
    during the license term. The Tiger-Cats will manage the contract and will receive all
    consumable net revenues from football and soccer games
    The City will receive 50% of the net revenue for consumable concessions (e.g. food and
    beverage) and a negotiated amount from non-consumable concessions (e.g. branded
    merchandise) from City events and 15% net revenue from all consumable concessions
    for all other events (including Tiger-Cats events and Incidental events but not including
    football and soccer games
    In five years, upon contract renewal, the Concessionaire will provide two percent (2%)
    of all gross concession receipts generated from the sale of consumable concessions to
    a reserve fund exclusively for the capital replacement of concession improvements.
    The City will have the right to review, reproduce and audit such Concessionaire’s
    records of concession revenues related to all City events, Licensee Events and the
    of 2% of all gross receipts but the City shall not have audit rights to individual
    Football Home Games and Licensee Non-Events.
[url=] ... W14021.pdf[/url]

And this doesn’t answer the question about how much of the concession revenue the Cats receive under the Levy contract is FIXED revenue in exchange for the rights, versus revenue from shares of actual game-day sales. The current Levy deal is an instance of the Cats exercising their “rights and responsibilities” under the: “The Tiger-Cats will manage the contract and will receive all consumable net revenues from football and soccer games” part.

One thing it does make clear is the selection of Levy as the provider is entirely up to the Cats, and not the City.

Thank you for correcting, I was never any good at understanding lawyer talk! :wink:

It's the 5 year part that jumps out at me. Hang on for a couple more years, gang.