Concessions at Tim Horton's field

I never eat at the stadium (rarely). What is the best thing to eat? What is the best value for the $$$

so nothing is "worth" the money, but if you can catch them right (when they are hot and fresh) I do like the french fries.

My routine was to grab a pre-game hotdog and watch the players warm up. :smiley: The dogs were tasty!

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Strange question for January. The concessions were bad all year. Best value was the footlong cheesesteak for like $12. Only sold at the Lous concession, but the portion size was huge compared to the rest of the stuff. I would expect some changes next year though.

Hot Dogs were passable, especially at the end of the year when they were half price, that is, more realistically priced. The pizza slices were okay pre-game, early, but luke warm by game time. Pulled pork terrible. Found most things over priced, or luke warm, gave up by mid-season, except the hot dog/beer deal at end of season.

Brought it up in post game surveys and recent survey circulated by Cats. Hope for better value next season, as we generally travel over supper for evening games, and arrive hungry unless we stop or pack a sandwich.

My response is simple, unless you are in the club level, you aren't getting anything great. I would assume Denninger's sausage on a bun would be the best deal, as Denninger's has always been good across the board for me. I'm just not a fan of sausage on a bun. So for me, you answer is regrettably a Pizza Pizza slice, which is pretty much the second most generic stadium/arena option in Canada next to a regular hot dog.

BMO on the other hand, the best deal without question is the TacoFC stand. A nacho platter under the North West Side of the stands. A good box of nachos with choice of meat (beef, chicken or pork) beans, con queso, sour cream, salsa and Guacamole (some of which is optional) for $12

Edit: I haven't tried the Lou's Philly Cheesesteak. I never made the Trek because of some fairly gnarly Lou's Pulled Pork that came out of one of the generic concession stands one time. I probably should have, as the First Ontario Centre had Lou's riblets which were pretty good and reasonable.

I really wouldn't mind seeing the team bring the Guelph season Food Trucks back to be honest.

I'll second that! If they had the food trucks, I'd be a regular. Would have to be outside the stadium no doubt, which would mean no beverages, unless they have them on the Cannon Street concourse like they did on Labour Day. Great suggestion.

If the food improves in value next season (which is doubtful given that they have now had three years in operation to improve) Pat's suggestion is my preference. Good dog or a good slice and a cold beer while watching the warm-ups on a warm summer afternoon or evening. Magic!

the only thing that is palatable is a pizza slice anyone who thinks the hotdogs are good haven't eaten a real hot dog try eating one with just mustard there is no flavour the dogs at rogers center and bmo field are hands down better

None of the food outside the club level at THF is any good. We make it a point now never to arrive at the stadium hungry. Even if it means stopping for fast food on the way to the game, it's preferable to putting up with the garbage offered at the stadium.

I ate twice at the stadium a few years back it was extremely bad. I started having the people that are going with me up to my place before the games where I grill/smoke food and we have a few beverages and a good stoogie. It saves money, we get better quantity and quality food as well. All of us have young kids as well so its also a chance to have the wives and kids get together (makes it easier for us to get out to more games.)

I've been disappointed since the very first game at THF. Tried a few things during PanAm soccer but all food purchased was awful. Warmish dogs, crunchy hard fries,etc. and way overpriced.
Since opening for football, I've tried again a couple of times and again plain awful. If they can't get hot dogs and fries right, what chance do they have?
I would love food trucks, hot dog carts, etc. outside the immediate area of THF. I walked past a house a few doors from Cannon street selling food and soft drinks on their front lawn. Jerk chicken, sausages, burgers, etc. I stopped and purchased food. Excellent quality and reasonable cost. I understand the city shut them down after a couple of weeks. Not sure why but it was directly across the street from the Scott Park tailgate area. What a shame.
With three years of truly crappy food, it would be nice to understand the city's contractual obligation to Levy Foods. Why is there not some sort of performance clause with penalties for such dissatisfaction. It's hard to believe IWS was actually as good or even better than what we've been subjected to.

I would imagine they were shutdown as they probably lacked permits and had not had a food inspection. You can't just randomly set up shop on your lawn and sell food to consumers without the proper permits in place to ensure you meet all the health standards of with how food is being stored and handled.

Worst Concessions ever.

Best story from last year, went to get 2 coffees in middle of 3rd quarter.

All concessions on 200 level west side were closed told I have to walk down to 100 level.

Complete joke.

Will never get better since only about 10 to 12 major events a year at THF.

I have to agree, the stadium food for the not so cheap seats is not worth the effort to miss a considerable time away from the game. I travel from out of town and normally eat before I enter the stadium. It's too bad after two years the quality of food has not improved at all. Bad enough you miss a portion of the game only to be served poor quality stadium food. That's why I eat before the game.

I think that the limited amount of use of the stadiums is the biggest problem causing problems at THF in Ottawa they do a better job with the same company but they have concerts , soccer and hockey at the stadium so they have a better resource of staff .

Maybe they do it already and it may not be an answer but the same staff who work the arena even though not the same space would be better equipped to handle game day prep and management for THF .

The number of times IWS was used was no different, yet over the years the concessions got better, not great, but certainly better than what we now have.
Number of dates is no excuse for lack of quality. The service staff don't make up the menu, cook it or establish pricing. They work 10 games per year at min. wage no different than IWS. So, if Levy foods cannot get their act together and use number of events as an excuse...turf them...bring in food trucks!!! These guys care about what they serve. Levy (at least in Canada ) doesn't really care or this would not be a point of discussion.

Lenny I think it would work if they just allowed a local food (truck) or restaurant to bid on each concession at the stadium it would be more successful and competitive which brings out the best in people as they would have their staff selling the same food and drink they usually have at their regular establishments .

Event staff can handle the rest with beer , nuts , popcorn , coffee and hot chocolate ; If they have any non bid concessions but I think that would be a non issue .

You would have another reason to go to the stadium . You have all these foodies in one place sampling different food at each concession . Another reason not to sit down at your seat .

Agreed iws had better food and lower prices.bmo also far better

"iws had better food and lower prices"

Ain't that the truth!

For all the arguments on this board - does anyone disagree with this statement?

The concessions at THF are shockingly bad. IMO the best food was in Guelph - with a host of food trucks on site. I can't believe that concept wasn't incorporated into the new stadium somehow.

For me it's going to be the Polish deli on Barton pre-game.

I remember a post of Bob's saying that the team was "aware" of issues. But that was it.

Is it the city that negotiated the contract with Levy or the team. If the city then I am wondering if there is a gag clause of some kind in the contracts.