Concessions at Ticat Games in 2007- Some Food For Thought

The threads on this website about the concessions at the Ticat games throughout the 2006 season seemed to have three basic concerns:

  1. Quality of food and service;
  2. Price;
  3. Need for some alternative food choices.

Ticat concessions are operated by a company named Compass Group Canada. A visit to their website indicates that the following companies are "national brand partners" with Compass Group Canada:

Tim Horton's
Second Cup
Pizza Pizza
Mr. Sub
Bento Nouveau
Yogen Fruz
Wolfgang Puck

While Pizza Pizza already offers food at Ticat games, it would be a positive step if Compass Group Canada could get a few of the other companies (e.g. Tim Horton's, Harvey's and Mr. Sub) involved in helping to plan and operate concessions at Ticat games in 2007. It probably wouldn't bring down the food and beverage prices, but it could improve the quality of the food and service and provide a few alternative food choices (e.g. veggie burgers and sandwiches).

While I understand and very much appreciate the consept of bring in new vendors such as Mr. Sub, Compas has a hard enough time getting decent service already. Add food that gets prepared order by order will just bog things down that much more. 2 possible ways aroudn this: 1.) Have sevral types of subs and they are pre-loaded, you don't like it pick it out. 2.) Hire a ton of staff and set-up a whole assembly line (A cuts sub, B does cheese, C does meat, D/E does veggies, F does sauces, H does cash). The 2nd could work if who ever is willing to fork out the cash to hire all these extra staff.
As for Tim's, doesn;t consessions already sell their coffee? Unless you want them to also add stuff like dougnuts, tim bits and stuff.

I nice thick milkshake eh!

I like the idea of having subs at games, but the only way that would work is if you had one kind of sub available (assorted) and they were all pre-made and wrapped.

As much as I've wanted to patronize IWS and Bob Young by buying concessions for me and my boys, I've given up.

It was a much easier decision to do so after tailgating twice last year. What a blast. My sons, friends and I want to do that every game now.

what ever happened to Denningers that was to be set up last season?
Did that ever fly?

I still can't believe that I can't get a hot tea at the games. The coffee is horrendous.

A Tim Horton's booth would be a major boost to the concessions!

Also, I like the idea of having sub alternative to fried food. :cowboy:

There is already a concession stand at Ivor Wynne which sells Subs....."Sub Shack" it's called...

..that started this past season.

Hey, how about a "Jim's Nut Shack" ?? (from the centre mall)

I agree compas sucks I found our other company Armark did a much better job all around :thup: