Concessions at the stadium

Not sure about anyone else but up in the 200s sectuon 203 side the wait times are a joke. Half of the stands are closed, the lines are slow amd theres no one selling anything in the aisles.

And it's only the first half of the first game. I think management has basically abandoned any interest in concessions sales and are putting all their eggs in selling a lot of overpriced beer. Very hard to figure out how this hasnt been fixed.

Concessions are rarely prepared at THF

Concessions are the least of the team's problem. The food and the team are pathetic.

Yes. But at least i can drink while the team is terrible. With the horrible concessions i cant even do that.

I was in 217 right by the exit aisle. Zipped down during a TV timeout late in the first quarter and was back in my seat beer in hand only having missed one play.

My mother & I bought French fries last as soon as we got to our seats, they tasted like they were freeze dried & no taste. We took them back & got nachos instead for no charge. They said they didn't realize the fries were that bad. The food is getting worse instead of better. At least they couldn't screw up Nachos. I should have realized after this how bad the night was going to turn out

Sit in section 103 front row lucky to see a hawker of any kind.(beer food etc)

Agree. We're in row 1, Sec 216 and never, ever, do we get beer or food vendors.

Whats the source of the problem?

  1. Poor concessions manager
  2. Historically poor sales
  3. Unions
  4. Poor menu planning
  5. Lack of cooking/preparation facilities on-site
  6. Bob Caretaker sluffing off oversight

I buy the beer (admittedly pricey) or packaged snacks (very pricey). Otherwise, just eat before or after the game, depending on start times of course. This dog just don't hunt no more!

Water Hydration Stations ?
East side section 114 area by coors banquet bar the station is gone this year just one water fountain with a built in tap in the whole area people were going to the banquet bar and concession stand to ask for refills and were told no ! Like WTF ? Do other stadiums like BMO have them

I think we have a new water station behind 112? Next to the beer cart and grill wagon? Not positive about that.

We're in section 112. We've seen them maybe twice in a game. They get tips as well, so they probably stick to the sections where they know they will sell out quickly. I've seen the one guy go down the stairs full and by the time he gets back up to the top he's empty.

We sit in section 113 and saw the beer vendor in our section a few times. Bought beers off them a couple times. But I do admit the lines for beer were VERY long and there definitely should be more vendors in the crowd. Also there is a water bottle filling station at the top of section 113/112 for sure. That line is just as long as the beer line!

I have to actually say that - in my view- the concessions are running much more smoothly so far this season. They seem more organized and the lineups move quicker. I just wish they'd offer a free refillable collector cup like the Argos do at BMO.

Something the same in Ottawa with the lack of service...all the service goes to people buying cheap seats & then standing in the south-side concourse blocking the concessions & washrooms from the high priced season ticket holders. Last year they had cash beer kiosks which lightened the lines but not this year...what food I've tried it's pretty good...keep sending the management your concerns...cheers!