Concessions?.........any new items on the menu?

Are there any new items on the menu this year at the concession booths?

I couldn’t get to the pre-season game due to work so I’m curious.


The new "Smokin' Pete's" booths have Montreal smoked meat and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.
I thought I saw a booth with various types of wraps but I don't know of that's new.

they also have a booth that has chicken fingers, wings

oh yeah, where pizza pizza used to be, it's now chicken chicken.

Hey Mikey…this post of your’s has been up for 50 minutes now and the usual “gang” hasn’t made a comment yet about "why should you care??? get all the FREE FOOD anyway!!! :lol:

Seems they have been absent from the forums since Friday night! :wink:

I missed the pre-season game as well. I look forward to some variety at the concessions…BUT I’M REALLY HUNGRY FOR A WIN! :thup:

Well, so far the people who posted are reporting a pretty good variety of food this year. It sounds a lot like "JareCanada"s gourmet tailgate menu he always cooks up.....yum!


Request/suggestion list: :wink:

Jim's Nut Shack (Centre Mall)
A French Fry truck (one on either side)

Prosthetic arms with a #11 tattooed on its middle finger. :stuck_out_tongue:

May I suggest a "Maasburger" and a "Changthegunburger" with computerized sales records and a live direct link to the Head Coach?

(Be sure to price the "Changthegunburger" $1.00 below the undercooked "Maasburger")

LOL... even in a food thread huh


Well, hey, you know...I do what I can. :wink:

mikey i gotta say i recall last year you requested for mike sub's ,now we got a sub shack,keep your suggestions coming mikey i like them. :slight_smile:


I saw you on TV last night on CH sports doing your waterboy.......err, to be politically correct, 'fluid delivery personnel' job at practice..... 8)

Make sure the players don't slip you $5.00 to put cold beer in those Gatorade bottles......hold out for least $10.00 .. :twisted:

Hope you passed this year at school!


I think they're serving crow.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hmmm "Petes Meat" sounds like a womans favorate here!LMAO

the "aquatic engineer on t.v. last night was not Dylan. His name is Daniel----he's the best

The "aquatic engineer" on ch sports last night was not Dylan. This kids name is Daniel. He always does a great job and gives his all. Nice to see you at practice again.

Denninger's has something like 12 sausage grills around the stadium this year...

rabbit stew and fresh ground hog are on the menu along with MASShed potatoes!!!!!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: