Concessions and attractions you want at the stadium

Now that we are doing well on the field what new things can we add to make it a great night or day at the stadium.

I would like to see new concessions in the east endzone path such as a coffee/hot chocolate stand with reusable Redblack cups , hotdog cart , rum hut (see Winnipeg) and a second replay screen .

I'd just like the stadium to open a little earlier. I know they like to keep folks herded near the "tailgate" area for a while but I'm not too much into that. All I want is to get to my seat.

The food selection was reduced from years one to two. Now probably that's a demand thing, so they can't be criticized too much for that. But there are not a lot of options in the south upper deck.

I would like to see them move the big screen to the east end zone. I find it is akwardly positioned where it is. I woould also like to see them put additional end zone seating to close it in a bit and open up the upper Northside stand upper concourse to the roof area to unclogg the traffic. It's impossible to get around. The old stadium had more seating and was more open, Hunt and OSEG seem to really like herding people.

I'd like to see a second screen in the east end zone, doesn't have to be as large. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of the stadium and concessions, although the price of beer is ridiculous. (I suppose the steep price keeps me from getting too....vocal....which is a good thing 8) )
The one major complaint I have is the pedestrian bridge at the northeast end of the field. After the game, it can be painfully slow getting out of the south stands if you're heading toward the buses or the bike check. I doubt they'd spend the money to widen the bridge, but maybe open a spot in the fence so people can walk down the hill.

Totally agree on that foot bridge from the Southside. Way too small to heard us over to the buses. I would have opened another gate in the south east corner of the stadium which would take us behind or over the hill where everyone watches the game for free :slight_smile:

also might be a good idea to put a second smoking section in that same south east corner to keep halftime smokers from going from the east south corner through the concourse areas - which would also help congestion for half time concessions. :roll:

I also agree with CFR to open earlier so we can go to our seats rather than the bottle neck in the west end zone :?

A second screen is probably more likely than moving the original one. Awkward as it can be for some, I think it's positioned there so they can advertise on the other side of it to the people walking on Bank street.

As for the bridge, it could be a bit better. Of course some of it is caused by people who suddenly hit the brakes to chat or enjoy the view. :?

When they let people on the field, do they let them leave through the path under that bridge? I've never noticed because I go out the other end.

The few times we went down onto the field - I never saw it open and we went back up the way we got there. 8)

That's...kind of dumb. It would make things SO much easier...

When the bridge arrived I was happy because it connected the stadium ; however when I saw it in person I was taken
back by how narrow it was for the stadium size . The pathway should also be enlarged . I am surprised they were able to get away with this because usually emergency exits require a standard so people do not get trampled . They must have gotten (sorry) away with this by saying they will open the gates below the bridge and around the hill during emergencies .

If they do ever put up a second screen in the east end I hope it would be the same size and quality as the west end . The clarity of the screen has been so far fantastic and I am impressed with the replay quality so far.

I wouldn't complain about the bridge, in the old days there was no way that you could get between the north side and south side, if you had a north side ticket and tried to get access to the south side you would be turned away. You couldn't walk around the stadium at all.
I am sure that with the new walkway in an emergency they would just cut off access to the bridge, there is no reason that fans on the south or north side would have to cross the bridge.
As for improvements I would like to see a patio area with a bar built above the Bank St end zone, similar to what they have at THF

I like the bridge it should have been built bigger that's all . SlimJim they never close exits in emergencies why would you say that .

Sat for the first time in my new ST seats section J . Ouch .

The speaker level is low for the announcer couldn't make out what he was saying . The scoreboard replay is at a ridiculous angle and just too far way . The thing I never realized is the amount of people walking up and down the stairs blocking the view is very annoying . I never had that problem before but this is the first time sitting in this section ever and that is since 1974 . I guess I get what I paid for is my new motto (this year only) .

Looking at the stadium I think a standing suppourter section about 5 to 7 rows with either a bar or a couple of rows of seats on top would fill in the east end zone nicely . It would blend well with the Fury team . Something like Regina is doing or Celtic . I know it's more of a soccer thing but even Edmonton did it this year .

Also place another proper replay screen in the East end it would give a better experience at the game .

We were sitting on the upper deck south side closest to the condo tower. I am sure all of the people that were in the condo building would have liked a video screen at the east end, they can only see the back of it.
I like the look of the new Subaru patio. It would be nice to have one on the other end.

I agree with the second screen idea. Must of been just a money thing. Laughed when i read that in the old days you couldn’t get from the north side to the south side…That’s because there would be to many fights. lol. Especially when the ti cats came to town, extra security were brought in. At least the team is having a great year and the experience is wonderful, especially for the people who remembers the days when we couldn’t give away tickets before the closing. Good luck on the great year you have going.

That's right, I remember trying to enter the stadium through the south side gate but was turned away because my ticket was on the north side. We weren't allowed to see what the view was like from the upper deck.

Better food, I want to eat ribs with my entertainment!! :rockin:

Did I miss it, was the game a sell out yesterday as there were only a few visible missing seats?

24,894 - which would be a sell out.
If you see empty seats it doesn't mean a lot, you will also see many people standing at both ends of the stadium on the walkways and crowded on the walkway between the southside upper and lower decks. TV never shows the fans standing between the decks.

Awesome, yes I realize that as many fans were at both end zones standing and having a pop.

Sold out last night too, which surprises me a bit in the height of summer.

Apparently only a couple of hundred for Montreal, so a sell out appears likely for that one too.