Concession stand food/drink expectations

Forgive my ignorance. I live in the United States.

I went to a short track Indy car race in Richmond, Virginia many years ago and they served the following in a "happy meal" for adults: beer (in a container that resemble a tennis ball can), hamburger, fries, and get this...a pack of cigarettes.

In Canada, what do they serve at the concession stands at CFL games? Anything off the wall?

I'm used to popcorn, hamburgers, hotdogs, Coke, and candy. Curious if they serve anything odd like cigarettes, etc. in Canada?

No cigarettes BUT we do have this other promotion that some teams run... :crazy_face: :smoking: :partying_face:

Are you serious?!

They sell weed at the concession stands for CFL games?!

Smoking and vaping both tobacco and cannabis at the game is illegal in Ontario so there's no point in selling it at the game.

In addition to your list you can also expect to find peanuts, nachos, 100 different styles of poutine, pizza, burritos, chicken fingers, salads, pastas, cider, rum and cola...


Vodka Is also always sold at games

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I get served a pretty good case of indigestion after eating the burgers at McMahon stadium, does that count?

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You're kidding me!

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Eristoff's vodka soda has become pretty popular at the games lately. I don't know what other vodka options there are.

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Twisted Tea is one of the Ticats Sponsors so twisted tea is sold at ticat games and smirinoff and seagram may be also


Good grief. Did not realize the alcohol issue has switched to no alcohol or cigarettes at Ohio high school games to anything is ok at CFL games. Doesn't sound family friendly unless there are family friendly sections in the stadium.

Cigarettes isn't allowed inside the stadium and there is one family friendly area that doesn't allow alcohol at ticat games that is beside a small playground area

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No he is not serious


No everything is not OK at CFL games!

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There are no alcohol sections, and their not nose bleed seats either. I always try to not accidentally buy no alcohol tickets :rofl:


yeah the Ticats family zone / no alcohol section for example is 109 so still lower bowl

Now if only they sold popsicles. mmmm banana :slight_smile:

“No alcohol “ sections are better than NO ALCOHOL SECTIONS.
In Ottawa, there is the north and south side stands. The north side is generally more family friendly, while the south side is a little rowdier. But both are beer friendly.

Hammered people dressed like lumberjacks! I'm in!


“NORTH SIDE SUCKS!” Is the required chant.

LOL, the family section can't yell back!