Concession stand choices

Admittedly, I haven't been to Canada to see a football game....

I did however, go to a NASCAR event and notice something weird at the concession stand:

An adult happy meal of sorts for $15.00

  1. beer served in tennis ball size-like canisters.
  2. fried food of all choices
  3. a pack of cigarettes (allowed to smoke in the stands of all things/smoker rights)

What can an outsider expect at the concession stands in Canada? Just curious.

Traditional fare:
Burgers, hotdogs, sausages, pizza, nachos, pretzels, popcorn, wings, etc

Authentic Mexican, lobster mac 'n cheese, buffalo chicken mac 'n cheese, Asian fresh rolls, high end desserts, various poutine, cheese and meat plates, potstickers, pulled pork, smoked brisket

Pretty much anything to wet the whistle

If you try - you will find yourself booted off the premises.

Can you sneak your own alcohol into the stadium? If not, what happens to you if you do it anyway and get caught? Do the Canadian cops get involved?

What if you are an American visiting just for the weekend to see the game? Is there automatic prison time without a trial?

This might sound dumb, but technically I'd be a foreigner going into Canada if I made the quest and got too rambunctious. I want to know what I'm getting into and I want to weigh the risk.

I don't think trying to sneak alcohol into a game is a police matter. If caught, you'd just have to dump it . . . or go share it with Duran Carter out in the parking lot.

They will at times turn you over to the police, where you probably land an open liquor ticket.

I’d be more nervous with the smoking…much larger fine potential

LOL - bag searches are carried out by private security people working for the event staff. Your liquor gets confiscated if found. That's no different than any stadium or arena anywhere in North America.

Sneaking alcohol into Tim Horton's Field is incredibly easy. Make sure it's in a plastic container as not to set off the metal detectors.

At least, that's what my friends tell me ;).

Being Tim Hortons Field is mostly enclosed by chain link fence, there are many locations a motivated person can use to pass food and drink through or under, to a member of their party that has entered in advance. A 2" tubular container holding drink can easily fit through the links anywhere. It happens even right near the main gates and at the Ticat Shop barricade on Bernie Faloney Dr. I've seen it. Scoundrels, I tell ya!

It is my understanding that a CFL game is more of a family oriented event.

Not like NFL/NCAA, where the entire stadium waterboards themselves with booze before during and after.

Been to many games in the Hammer, lol?

I've been to a lot of minor league ice hockey games where they serve beer. Lots of fights in the stands between opposing fans, and between the fans and the ushers.

You guys have the same problem in Hamilton?

Or get a Beer Belly

Hamilton is definitely rowdy (some sections more than others), but there's been no issues with fights since moving into THF.

OK, this made me laugh and brought back some memories. 4 of us heading down to old Ex stadium, Ham at Tor. This is when it was OK to smoke but you couldn't drink anywhere, back in the late 70s. Flasks and all sorts to get booze in. We didn't like liquor as much as we loved our suds. One of our buddies who was of a diminutive stature, but built like a fireplug, was our GUY. He had an old green winter duffle coat. We cut slots in it everywhere inside and he carried in a 24 of stubbies. I kid you not. Place was packed and I went first and got nabbed. They let him slip by. Checked the 4th guy too. I'm pretty sure we were the only guys drinking beer out of bottles that day. ;D

Best I ever saw was a guy cooking soup?? :o on a Coleman stove at the 83 Grey Cup.

No, absolutely not.

I’ve never seen a fight at THF. I’ve seen two at BMO at Argo’s Cats games, but THF is safe from that crap.

I was referring to the comment about drinking…but you can drink and not have fights.

It is still a “family friendly” event. Many of my friends bring their kids to games without worry.

Was busted at TD Place with a bag of baby carrots in my cargo pants. Vigilant security at Ottawa games!

Tell 'em you're diabetic next time. Do they sell baby carrots at the concession stand? Is that why they confiscated them?

Produce a permission slip from the carrots' parents.