Concession Prices

Trying to get a feel for concession prices around the league.

Winnipeg: Hot Dog 6$
Hamburger $5
Bottle of Water $3
Beer (12oz domestic draft) $7

Regina: Hot Dog:
Bottle of Water: $4
Beer: $8

Looking to fill it out for the whole league.

Good idea but change your stats on Winnipeg. Due to Blue Panic setting in, Wad Miller has lowered prices on hot dogs, drinks, chips, etc. for all 3 remaining games.

Crowds are expected to be down significantly and that means 1000s of lbs. of stored meat stock will date out if not sold.

The new prices are $3 ea. for such items.

Proximity parking has also been lowered from $10 to $5 for remaining regular season games.

If Bombers somehow manage to secure 2nd place in W and a home playoff game - I suspect all lowered prices will revert back to prior pricing! (very doubtful occurence, bombers will need to win 5 or 6 of remaining home games to get 2nd place)

Pizza and a pop at THF is about $10. It is what it is.

24 years ago, Boston Pizza had a special $11 gets you seats not in the end zone, plus a med pizza and drink.

even then, it beat stadium concession prices

Intriguing. Those are the numbers that the Bombers people provided me - curious to see if that stays the case.

When did you seek the numbers and when were they actually provided. Was it a low level flunkie like Ed Tait or senior management?

Also, they may just be giving you their regular prices on various items.

The promotion about $3 items and $5 parking was something I heard on CJOB (bomber radio station) and a couple tweets.

The Bombers have 6 home games left in the schedule?

3 home, 3 away - don't know how the word "home" got inserted.

Got those numbers yesterday from their communications people. All I was looking for were regular prices

What is the exchange rate these days?