concession food

has anyone noticed that the hotdogs taste bland .had a dog at the last preseason game and it was horrible just wondering if it was just that game because at $5 a dog not going to try again .being from deningers i was very dissapointed as there food quality used to be awesome.

"I ate a hot dog, It tasted real good. Then I watched a movie from Hollywood...."

Frank Zappa - Cheepnis :rockin:

About ten years ago I was so disgusted with the hot dog quality at Skydome I fired off email complaints. Some mid-level manager replied, including the forwarded copy to the catering company. Today the food choices at Skydome I say are of good quality and I look forward to eating there. I'm not taking all the credit, but I did just pat myself on the back.

Hopefully IWS2 will have improved food and beer service. Given the layout of the old lady I don't think anything substantial will happen this - the final - year.

For now, food at IWS serves as a sponge for beer consumption and not much else. If I recall correctly, Steven Brunt thinks that's part of the stadium's charm.

i heard from a former concession employee that they are not the freshest dog around. frozen after cooked and re-used. I cannot confirm or deny this. But i had one last year and it was brutal

I had a hotdog at the last game and bland was the exact word I used. Maybe it would have tasted better if we were winning???

I wonder if the new food truck craze will end up with units showing up near Ivor Wynne before games. Gorilla Cheese for instance, has been parked on Fennell outside of Mohawk College all day today. The line-ups have been quite long and steady.

Gorilla Cheese has all the Ticat games on their tentative schedule, except for Sept 15 game which coincides with Supercrawl.
The home opener was originally on their schedule, but they ended up doing It's Your Festival instead.

Beware the game may be the only thing that's cheesy. :oops:

That's awesome. I only recall them being at one game last year. Due to not living in Hamilton, I've only been able to have their cheeses once, but I would definitely recommend them to anyone who hasn't tried them out.

I started this post because i wanted to make sure it was not just me but do to the bland dogs which i used to buy last year for which was better than this year has prompted me to eat before games and not at the games thanks for the replys

A little off topic but I hate how there is no poutine. Didn't they have poutine in 2010? BRING IT BACK!!!

Until they do that, you can get your poutine fix pre-game just around the corner from Ivor Wynne, at the little Donair place at King & Connaught. :thup:

Saw this on the news last night :smiley:

Why would anyone put a 5 cent piece of processed lips and testicles in their body ?

Why ? Why ? Why ?

Bring a bag of seasonned almonds or some Cashews !

It's actually lips and a**holes, not lips and testicles.

Ok then go ahead and eat the stuff :lol:

Because they're really tastey.

Hmmm...lips and a**holes.

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Blaring loudspeakers, black pants and now bland dogs.

I shudder to think what’s next. :lol:

No name Ketchup ?