Concession Booths

When is the food at the stadium going to get a little more healthier. I come from out of town and in order to get parking we come fairly early to the stadium. We would like to get some good food there. Hams, and sausage are not always healthy and you really would like to have other options in food once in awhile. The concession booths need to open up at 6:00 and be prepared when they open for service. Why can we not bring in fruit and sandwiches if the stadium does not have it. Thank You,

Probably for the same reason you can't bring in fruit and sandwiches to Hamilton Place or movie theatres, or a Tim Hortons et.

They're trying to run a business.

Then lets get some choices at the booths.


There was a sub shop booth last game. Not sure what kind of food they were offering.

It is time to bring the food selection into the current millenium. Healthy food selections are everywhere else. Friday night is a race for many from out of town to make the kickoff, only to be rewarded with a weiner.

Is that a banana your hiding in your pocket?

What about the right to breathe clean air?

i think part of the problem is they dont have a enough room in the concession areas for extra types of food because of the age of ivor wynne at least that was part of the reason i got in my asking for the bbq chicken to brought back

Could the real problem be that healthy food does not translate into higher profit ratio’s per unit?