Concerning Helmets

I’m very concerned to see helmets rolling on the turf. Over the last couple of years the number of times that helmets have popped off has gone from maybe a couple of instances a season to at least a couple of times per game. I don’t know if there is a helmet design issue or not, but if this tend continues I’m afraid that we’re going to see fatalities like those that took place prior to helmets being introduced. For the sake of player safety someone has to take responsibility to make sure that this does not continue. If it were my decision I’d fine the equipment managers for every instance of a loose lid.

I've noticed it a lot more lately myself. I see a lot of players are starting to wear their helmets without buckling their chin strap, perhaps more so than a few seasons ago. This could be part of the reason.

bottom line, buckle up those chin straps, they save serious injuries and fatalities.

That's where the confusion sets in for me. Every player is required to buckle his chin strap before every play. Section 10.2 of the rule book calls for 5 yd penalty for not doing it. All the players obey that rule but the helmets keep coming off.

Correct, they do buckle their straps, but not all of them... typically a helmet has four straps, often you see players only doing up three of the four (such as Bishop today).

Hey...that's the best completion rate that Bishop has ever had in his career!

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What i dont get is how they come off at all! When i played highshcool football you had to pull on the helmet as hard as you could to get it down. How is it that these guys get hit once and it just pops off like the head of a dandilion?

This year, they introduced a penalty if a player does not fasten all of the chin straps. I haven't seen the refs call it yet.

Article 2 – Helmets A player shall be required to wear a helmet when on the Field of Play and shall not voluntarily remove it while the play is in progress. [b]Any player’s chinstrap must be completely fastened prior to the snap.[/b] The use of helmets or other objects to deceive opponents as to the whereabouts of the ball is prohibited. PENALTY: L5 NOTE: See Rule 7, Section 2, Article 3 & Rule 7, Section 4.

Honestly you can look at it 2 ways tho for injury purposes by it popping off could help prevent an injury too such as if your moving forward like a QB sneak or something and another guy's pushing you back up near the helmet he'll rub off when helmet pops instead of the guys neck going all the way back same with some vicious facemasking if the helmet comes off its probably better.

but than if your a running back and it pops off and he's still going there's some concern like Mike Sellers a couple years back.

Only thing i can see is players wanting to be more comfortable in there helmets so they choose smaller cheek pads that would be my only guess because it happened to me in High school ball when i had smaller cheek pads just had to switch em out for proper sized ones

I think in the past couple of years they have changed chin straps so they’ll pop off easier, to prevent serious neck injuries caused by the helmet being too rigidly attached to the player’s noggin. Kind of like the way skis are designed to come off to prevent people from losing their leg at the knee.
The strap holds the helmet in place during normal play. But if something happens that takes the helmet off, it’s better to have the point of separation be the chin strap than the spinal cord.

It's less the straps than it is how tight they fit. Players are wearing them way looser today. Whoever posted this above is correct, in amateur football, you almost need a vice grip and a grenade to get a player's helmet off, they are fitted so tight.

Ya it hurt more to get it on then when we actully got hit