Concern with this rating -

For years now I have been on the AC bandwagon but I feel with this rating though the season has not begun I am concerned. I have been concerned for a while because we do not seem to have any playmakes on offense except for this year. However, I really think the time has come for some hard decisions to be made…before the season slips by.


Which team boasts the best quarterbacking duo?
BCL (Jackson-Pierce) 17%
CGY (Burris-Dickenson) 30%
EDM (Ray-Maas) 17%
WPG (Glenn-Dinwiddie) 11%
TOR (Joseph-Bishop) 22%
MTL (Calvillo-Brady) 3%

Calvillo isn't done yet. Everyone exagerates when it comes to Montreal. Calvillo will bounce back. I know it.

hey at least ur team is on the poll

LOL...good point.

People can't take the media too seriously when it comes to the CFL. some of the previews have players who were cut or never showed at camp in "who is in" sections. This is a poll. Alouettes have the smallest Anglo fan base in the country. That's probably why they left Saskatchewan and Hamilton off cause if they had, both those polls would have had the most numbers of fans.

I am also concerned that Calvillo has the same offensive line in front of him-with this group he was often sacked . Most likely we will have more of the same.

Well that depends; was it the personnel or the schemes? This year, new offensive scheme with same personnel. So we'll know pretty quickly which it is. Seems like the braintrust has decided it was last year's offensive schemes (or lack thereof) so we have essentially the same personnel.