Concept Uniforms ( Not real but kind of cool)

Found this over on CFL Horsemen and thought I would share.

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Designer mentions he is looking for feedback so feel to comment there as well as here

I'm not a fan of most of these. I prefer the current RBK uniforms except the rendering of the Eskimos' road whites, and the bomber's home and away. And the Stamps' renderings would an improvement as well.

Dear lord that Ti-Cat alt looks terrible. In fact, all those alts look awful except for the Riders (which you'd have to really take an effort to screw up), the Esks away Alt, the Peg away Alt and the Argos (except those striped helmets are TERRIBLE).

Let's just say, I'd be sticking to be Reebok stuff if this became the norm.

We are probably getting some new unis with Reebok being out after this season. Probably not wholesale or massive changes like the ones here -- also, Nike is probably not the company that is getting the contract -- but I would suspect that new uniforms will be in the cards in the very near future.

I love each and every one of these!!! If these are legit that's cool with me.

As an OLD school Als fan the "Pride" uniforms are a great bridge between what I first loved and modern style.

If Reebok doesn't get another contract, it better be Nike. Who else is there? Adidas? No thank you...
I'm not a huge fan of these concepts, some look cool, but most of the ALTs suck.

Adidas owns Reebok now, FYI.

What's your point? I don't want a football jersey made by Adidas or have their name on it... They can be left to soccer. Rebook still operates as their own entity, to a degree, regardless of being bought out. My preference for Nike is that I love the tightness of the jersey that they made for the NFL. Only thing I hate are the collars on some teams haha

Frankly, I like their DC Comics helmets better than any of that stuff. :expressionless:

My point is that a change from Reebok to Adidas may not be much of a change given the new lineage.
Since you seem to have a disdain for Adidas, it might be best that neither they nor Reebok get the new contract.
Personally, I am not a fan of Nike. I would prefer Under Armour if Adidas/Reebok don't get the next contract.

Btw, I just saw the Adidas redesign of the UCLA Bruins football jerseys.
Definitely a different direction!

A little up and coming company called Under Armour.