Concept Jerseys

living in the past son.

hope you have a good memory.

Says the guy with a pic of the late great Angelo Mosca on his handle???

good comparison.

you are slippin'

Horrible. When are people going to realize the Lions are Black and White with orange trim.

I would like to see the Stampeders accept the fact that a CFL team is named the "REDBLACKS". There's only eight other teams in the League. Their uniforms are quite similar. It reminds me of Roughrider/Rough Rider and can be perceived by some fans as "bush league".

The bottom line is likely sales. lol

The rough riders folded dude... they didnt exist for many years, stamps claimed the colors. get over it...... besides since claiming the Stamps have represented the colors far better than Ottawa did

I like all of those. Better than most of the other updated uniforms of the recent past.