Concept Jerseys

Hope this link works.
The work this fellow did trying to bring something new by combining different retro elements to the jerseys and helmets are pretty good.

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The helmet design/shape is great. So much so that it doesn't even matter what the logo on it looks like. But great look, yes.

Love it.

Overall, those look quite good

Very nice. Not sure if it's the lighting in the photos but I think a lighter silver, black, and a lighter metallic gold would look better on the Schooners.

Or go all World League: :rofl:

Almost the same colours as SMU and they could play at SMU. :slight_smile:

To do one that captures the essense of the Calgary Stampeders is very difficult. How do you capture perfection on a cloth??

Did you post that former CFLer on purpose or is it just a coincidence?

I actually loved the uniforms in the old World League. The Thunder had the balls to do what the Seahawks would later do with their neon green uniforms.

BTW, the Montreal concept looks really nice. Much better than what they have right now

I like the Riders and Stamps versions but not the others .


Well you have to start with any colours but red and white and eliminate anything to do with horses. :wink:

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Still upset about the GC?

I'll let you decide. :slight_smile:


CFL connections were strong in the WLAF but that's a different topic.

I agree. The Calgary Redblacks can't even capture their own essence. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don't understand what you mean. Are you saying the Stamps copied the REDBLACKS? I will check, but I'm pretty sure the Stampeders have been around longer.

I guess you're right. The red and black in Ottawa started in 2014. :wink:

but even the Rough Rides have up the Red/Black scheme prior to folding... the when to red/gold if you remember, those colors were up for grabs and now owned by the Calgary Stampeders

nah, it was great to be there.

bo was there as a spectator, which I'm sure he'll get used to.

he'll make a good colour commentator.

somewhere where he won't be boverrated.

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Yes, the Ottawa Rough Riders wore Red and Gold for two glorious seasons (1994 and 1995) before they changed back in 1996. The Renegades wore Red and Black as well.

2 Time cup Winner Bo Levi has more cups than Masoli /Evans combined........commen

The Stamps already had the colors when Renegades were born. Just like Red Blacks. Riders gave up the colors they wer therefore no longer their colors so Stamps claimed them

not sure why Ottawa thinks they are entitled to these colors.