CONCACAF Champions League

Canada only gets one spot in the Champions League, and by rule it goes to the Canadian Championship Champs.

So now that there are three Canadian MLS teams, it's possible that one team could win the Canadian Championship, while another could win the Supporters Shield, and a third could win the MLS Cup.

In this unlikely scenario, the MLS would have their two most deserving teams on the outside looking in. :smiley:

Yes, this is completely possible. Performance in MLS has absolutely no meaning in terms of qualification in the CONCAAF champion's league for Canadian teams. This is because MLS is a US based league, our teams are just visiting it, because we don't have a league of our own. We don't get to steal the US's berths if we win their championship. Typically, if a Canadian team were to win and take the supporter's shield, those berths would go to the next best US based MLS teams with the next best regular season records. MLS play for the 3 Canadian teams is literally for nothing more then bragging rights over the US.

This is one of the reasons the CSA wants to start the Canadian Premier League (#CanPL on twitter) so that we have more clubs in Canada to make our championship more meaningful then the current 8 game series it is now, and the add the development of our national team, since MLS has expressed no further Canadian expansion interest. From my understanding Bob Young and the Ti-Cats have began the process of getting a team for this league, and starting this league. Rumor is that other CFL owner, some NHL owners and some overseas interests may be looking to be the initial investors for this league.

Right now, it all comes down to the Voyageurs Cup, which in my eyes is the real trophy any Canadian team should be vying for, as it gets you into the CONCAAF Champion's league, which if you then take, gets you into the FIFA Club World Cup to play the winners of the other continental federation Champion's leagues (the most well know being the UEFA Champion's League). Pretty much the FIFA Club World Cup is the trophy that says "This year, I was the best club in the world"

Sadly, it's not typically paid too much attention, because UEFA (Europe) and CONMEBOL (South America) routinely dominate the final tournament. The Champions of the other federations can't seem to produce clubs that are capable of beating the well know European powerhouse teams (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Baeyrn Munich, Manchester United, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Chelsea, etc) and the less known, but still fully capable South American teams of Brazil and Argentina (Corinthians, Santos, Internacional, San Lorenzo, River Plate and Estudiantes).

That all said, this really is for the off-topic thread, not the CFL main thread.

So far there hasn't been a Canadian team winning the MLS Cup or the Supporters Shield.

It's too bad that Toronto couldn't hang on at home.